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ive been digging deeper into fez this time around. i can’t figure out everything so i do some shameless looking up but i do give it a good try and the game just keeps opening up. i found a whole new huge area i never even knew existed. it’s nothing but gorgeous and the soundtrack gives as many wonderful surprises as the game itself. i can’t think of a better entwined coupling.

as for super meat boy forever i fear with no edmund involvement that the game may not be up to its predecessor. but the end is nigh does excite me. still have celeste sitting here on the machine waiting for me but so much other engagement that i haven’t done more than open a single time for 5 minutes.


oh man, Celeste may be my favorite from 2018! so great.


Some people here might be interested in Vane, released on PS4 on the 15th of January.
Disclaimer : I work on the floor above the one where that game was made, I know the people who made it, etc.


Yeah I was interested already! Even though the comparaison with Ueda / Last Guardian is kind of obvious, I’m always up for this kind of attempt. I think the critical reception of the trailer based on its ressemblance with Ueda might be based on gamers memories of Rime which graphic style is a bit closer to Vane (if sunnier!) and it was also an Ueda inspired game and it was a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully this won’t influence gamers’ judgement too much, it takes a lot of courage to go that route no matter the result!


thanks for posting this. will definitely check it out, looks right up my alley


i almost preordered when i saw it in store. it’s been on my list. very very exciting. and that mare vr game. i hadn’t heard of that.


I got a Switch towards the end of last year and have been loving it! Since I travel a lot it seems crazy to me now to have a static gaming system even.

Zelda was amazing (still haven’t played through the whole expansion, but put like 60-70h into it) and Mario was good fun too, though not nearly as long.

@Angela fucking loved Overcooked2 and have been hunting for other great coop games like that.

Played Celeste and have kind of moved away from it a bit. I like the music and vibe, but I’ve had to google myself out of getting stuck a couple of times, so it feels a bit frustrating in terms of how non-linearly linear it is, with the supermeatboy death/grind feel.

Currently playing Rayman legends which is fun but light.

Would love another epic game like Zelda. Was even considering getting Skyrim for the Switch as I’ve not played it on another console before/yet. It’s pretty expensive though, especially considering how old it is.

Also been binge watching TONS of Super Mario Maker youtube videos. Particularly from Ryukahr and CarlSagan42. Without a hint of humor, I find this kind of playing super artful/aesthetic/genius.

Any other good Switch suggestions?


Hollow Knight takes some platforming elements of Celeste and mixes it with the open-endedness of BOTW. Can’t recommend it enough! If you like competitive games, Splatoon 2 and Smash Ultimate are great fun.


you got me started on mini metro have you looked at it on switch?
lovers in a dangerous spacetime is a great multi player game (it can be a little tough for two players but still worth it)
not sure why but I have a feeling you may enjoy oxenfree it is very story driven


Dead cells if you want something like Metroid but with a rogue lite feel. Most importantly the motions feel good and fair.



If you’re game for puzzles, I recommend Picross S and S2:

You basically reveal pictures by including or excluding squares on a grid, based on numbers on the sides of the grid. It starts very easy but ramps up quickly, requiring a lot of deduction and logic (though you’re never presented with a situation where you’re required to guess). Somewhat akin to Sudoku, a little related to Minesweeper. Each puzzle should take 5-15 mins so it’s pretty good for pick up and play.

If you haven’t played Okami on another system, it’s very similar to Zelda in game mechanics and scope but with a lovely art style of its own and charming silly characters.

And there’s always Dark Souls :slight_smile:


for coop, Crawl is fun.

I’m playing through Hyper Light Drifter for the third or fourth time, this time on Switch. Might scratch the general Zelda itch. Hard without being obnoxious.


Find The Balance is a fun physics puzzle game on the Switch that I keep coming back to. There’s a similar one with fancier graphics I haven’t tried.


Awesome, lots of great suggestions! Will have a look through these.


Also, just play “Inside”, I think it’s great that it’s out on Switch, it’s a short experience but it’s very well executed and it has some depth which isn’t always the case with videogames. Oxenfree is… nice, it’s an atmosphere thing, kinda like watching a good thriller, not exceptionnal but well done and also short, you don’t come here for the gameplay though (which is where Inside shines and exploit the medium better in my opinion).


Nice, I really enjoyed Limbo, even though it was quite short.

Hmm, not played it before. I wonder with older games like this (same with Skyrim) is that if they would feel dated after playing a modern open world thing ala Zelda.


I actually value games that manage to make me feel a complete experience in a short amount of times, there’s place for both I think. Nothing in recent years came close to how BotW made me feel but it’s also a good reason for most other games NOT to go that “many hours of content” route if their core design / aesthetic can’t handle it. Now from Nintendo I’m just eagerly waiting for Fire Emblem Switch due this year, such an exciting thing!


Yeah totally. To this day Braid is still one of my favorite games, even though its “short” (though not on the first time you play it!). The atmosphere/style/story/concept are all mindblowingly amazing.

@Angela and I played around 30h or so of The Witness last year which was really fun to do as a coop thing (I would navigate the world, and we would solve the crazy hard puzzles together). Sadly when my laptop at the time died, it took the game save with it… and I haven’t had the heart to play it from the start again (yet).


Yes and I would say “The Witness” was sort of a disappointment to me but I wouldn’t enter into the details of why because it would take quite some time to developp. Very interesting ideas nonetheless, just not going into a direction I wanted to see Jonathan Blow take.