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I haven’t played Zelda but as a fan of open world RPGs in general, I recommend giving Skyrim a play-through as it is a master-piece.

I’ve played the original version and the remaster and if I had a Switch I’d play that version, too. Skyrim on the go; what a great time to be alive!


FWIW, my brother, who only owned a NES for most of the last decade, got Skyrim on the Switch recently and recommended it to me like I didn’t play it eight years ago.


Having played both Zelda and dark souls for over 100 hours each on the Switch I think they are very different games. While there are some non-linear aspects to dark souls the focus is not on exploration but tactical combat.

Some elements feel dated in comparison to Zelda, particularly the physics, but the lore, world building, and level design in DS are some of the best I have seen (better than BotW IMO). Zelda has tighter and smoother controls and the ability to climb, swim, and jump (you can kind of jump in DS). The visual design in both are excellent, but DS has more interesting variety particularly of monsters.

I found DS worthwhile to play, but if you are looking for an open world exploration game it might not be what you are looking for.


Dark Souls isn’t really open world in that way, so if you’re specifically looking for that, it’s not your game. It’s also legendarily/notoriously difficult. You die a lot. I added the smile to my recommendation because it requires a certain kind of willingness to submit to pain and frustration. There’s a reason a version of the first game was called ‘Prepare to Die Edition’.

TBH if you’re using Breath of the Wild as your bar to be met, you’re going to be largely disappointed. It’s been called the best game ever made, and while that’s probably hyperbolic, it is extremely well done.

The Switch is also not as strong in modern open world games as other platforms. Those tend to be on PS4 and Xbox One.


dark souls! if you havent done it already elsewhere.


jonathan blow is a genius. i’m about to start my third time through w/my SIL. still have braid installed on ps3. i can’y wait for theklas next offerings. not sure what of the annapurna offerings are out for switch but would rec any of them available


dark souls 1 kinda killed modern gaming for me i think. i played it at launch without knowing what i was in for and ended up doing PVP duels/fight clubs etc daily from 2011-2017. the difficulty and depth of both the pve world and PVP mechanics set the bar so high for me w/r/t what games can be.

and then i hated the mechanics/storytelling of both sequels. loved those aspects of bloodborne (which i think from a narrative/world building perspective is miyazaki’s greatest achievement) but the way pvp was handled and its lack of depth killed it.

im really excited about sekiro.


you know sekiro has no coop right? i still think it is going to be great. read something recently about how miyazaki took a “different” role with sekiro. regardless, i can’t wait!


yeah, im actually pleased about this. miyazaki has kinda made it clear that he doesnt really care about (or even like!) the pvp communities that developed around his titles. and with DKS2 and 3 and BB i just got frustrated with the inferiority of the mechanics (and recurrent issues with like bad/no poise systems, imbalance, non-viability of different playstyles, lack of counters, lack of spam punish, etc etc etc).

this stuff kinda makes me think ill actually prefer an “offline” miyazaki title. everything ive read about it sounds great, particularly the emphasis on really learning the mechanics and self-improvement, etc. thats the stuff i want (along with inscrutable, opaque storytelling haha)


anyone in here a fan of the ps4 nier? i have been on the fence about buying it for a while, kinda want a new title to tide me over until sekiro…


what’s your psn name? i can check your game list and let you know my thoughts in depth.


i just dm’d ya :slight_smile:


I’m about ten hours deep. It rules, but I did put it aside to play some other stuff and haven’t circled back around to it yet. Some really weird concepts / ethical conundrums in the early game. I look forward to diving back in once I finish all the Dragon Age Inquisition DLC.


I’m also really glad that Seikiro doesn’t have PVP. I always turn off network connectivity when playing Souls games because I just hate the PVP encounters. I love how the combat flows against the AI, and how it has a more or less “realistic” feel to it, but the second a person invades it becomes a ridiculous contest of exploiting errors in game mechanics and people rolling around like hedgehogs, fishing for lag-assisted back stabs. It just totally breaks the immersion for me and I’ve never found it necessary or satisfying.


we could have a big throwdown about “lag assisted backstabs” :wink:

no but i do know what youre saying of course. the thing about the pvp in these games is that anyone who hasnt spent a lot of time learning the mechanics and the quirks (which include latency) is at a huge disadvantage and the question of whether they should have to deal with it is well worth considering (the solution of course is offline play)


At first I hated Dark Souls PvP, but after awhile I found to be amusing (mostly because I’m terrible at it). A special shout out to the invader who repeatedly killed me with dung pies in Anor Londo. I loved the jolly cooperation so dealing with invaders is worth it for me overall.


i like the crazy/random aspect of casual play. like it makes me yell when i’m in a level and i get invaded and i know of course by the name whether it was npc intended or if i’m about to likely get owned by some ne’erdowell often able to best me unless i have coop help. i think it is hilarious and adds a completely unrepeatable aspect /layer to already fantastic play. and then you get the times where people just want to flirt, they will give you stuff or take off their clothes lol. it is nothing short of hilarious and totally engaging.


yeah i mean, i guess everyone is a casual at some point right? the experience of getting mercilessly owned by min/max’d pros who already basically knew the ropes from playing demons souls was integral to my first playthrough of dark souls 1. they messed up the invasion mechanics so much in 2/3 and BB that it very nearly made invading not even worth it :\


oof, this Celeste speedrun at AGDQ is nuts.


i need to try more celeste.

hollow knight is calling me back in. the true ending i need.