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white palace hollow knight…
platform hell or good clean fun? lol


man vane is getting some pretty rough press :confused:


have you checked it out?

ive been avoiding anything about it as crazy other stuff on my mind.


so update on digging deeper in my hollow knight save. omg it gets brutal. i’m not even at 50% total completion in terms of trophies. in game it says i’m 90% done. i knew the fool challenges were hard. but those are just the tip of the iceberg. don’t get me wrong, main game is fair and you can totally beat it and get the first ending pretty reasonably, but if you are going for any aspect of completionism…:fearful:
today i finished the trial of the grey mourner and the white palace. i’m hoping super meat boy and celeste don’t get much harder than those as that is about the best ive got for platforming hell.

my sister in law appears to be stuck early game in bloodborne. i’m trying to give her encouragment and tips. its her first soulsborne so there is a lot that is foreign, probably the usual stuff that non-souls folk get bummed about. i’m hoping the switch flips for her, at least til she can start summoning folks (and me) for a bit of help.

i can’t wait to replay the witness, inside, unfinished swan and to continue slow progress with super meat boy and celeste.

i did finally (with some merciless looking stuff up) 100% fez. i won’t spoil anything but i sure love that game.

i’m wondering why i thought journey looked better on ps3 than ps4.

i’ve given up on isaac for the time being. the dailies burned me out.


100% on Fez is bonkers. Congratulations.


hollow knight is harder in deep phase than fez. both are fucking awesome.


Shoutout to Obra Dinn, probably my favourite game from last year. Deeply engaging and rewarding.


I was excited to see a new trailer pop up for Carrion a couple weeks ago! The video below is older footage but it shows off what the game’s about and I don’t see it mentioned here in the thread. It’s got a very cool premise and I love how the controls look. The sense of momentum is great. And I can definitely see Reverse Horror catching on as a game genre, it’s something that kinda exists offhand in a lot of games already but I don’t think I’ve seen one designed specifically around that concept though.


I remember playing some Aliens vs Predator game back on OS9 and really getting into the alien’s mindset, crawling thru tunnels and popping out to bite someone’s head off, and frantically scurrying away from the flamethrowers :3


Would it be wrong of me to post a link to my own game? Definitely don’t want to cross any self-promotion lines, but figured I’d ask since I’m here :slight_smile:


It’s the least wrong thing you could ever do unless you’re actually bobby kotick!


In that case, here’s Spellbreak!

It’s a fantasy Battle Royale RPG with spellcasting and magic interactions. We’ve been working on it for a little over a year and it’s getting a lot of attention already, even though it’s only in closed pre-alpha and has had zero real marketing done. I’m the Director of Community at the studio (we’re just a small indie company out of Boston).

We haven’t done any full-on trailers for it yet, but I’ve been posting some highlight videos that our testing community have been putting together. Here’s a pretty good one (there are others on our channel):


For a small studio it must have required quite a big amount of work and structure to get a 3D online game going with the online infrastructure to garanty a pre-alpha looking like this for a Battle Royal game!


Thanks! It’s been a huge amount of work. Luckily, we already had some of the best talent in the industry among our founders and we have a couple of games under our belts already (one was an iOS Editors Choice, so we know how to handle big online multiplayers). We’re not tiny anymore (I think 30 people, including community, HR, etc.—so not all coders/artists), but definitely still on the small side for a game like this and still 100% independent.


Can I ask what the mobile game was out of curiosity? I wish you success (the ultimate Batlle Royal seems to be the battle of… Battle Royal games). I’d prefer magic over guns any time any day but I must admit there’s really not a lot for me in Battle Royals, still it’s an interesting developpement regarding the influence of the trend on game mechanics in general. Will there be other modes or is it solely focused on BR?

Sidenote : I can’t help but note there’s a huge BOTW influence in the game assets and animations (espescially the “jumping vertically and slowing down taking out your bow to shoot” animation). Did you take cues from this kind of gameplay / animations for your game?


The mobile game was World Zombination. We retired it about a year ago so we could focus everything on Spellbreak, but you can definitely find videos of it. As for Spellbreak being a Battle Royale, it’s just the first more—it’s definitely open to more modes once we get this one nailed down. We specialize in online multiplayers, so we just needed a good starting point for this one.

Certainly BotW influence for the aesthetic, among other games/media. Good amount of cel-shading without getting too cartoony as well as a painterly look to the environment.


Looks good so far! Any possibility of a Switch or other console ports or will this be PC only (at least for the foreseeable future)?


PC only right now, but we are considering additional platforms down the road. I’d love to have a Switch one!


i have given up on hollow knight at 104% in game completion and 51% trophy completion. it dwindled into too many boss battles. wonderful game though and so much hidden in there. late game semi-hidden stuff gets completely brutal.


I just downloaded / started the “Resonance of fate” 4k re-vamp. Definitely feels like a pretty version of a 2010 game.

Beginning makes no sense… the Internet alerts me that the game makes no sense for quite some time. I am OK with this as I abhor sense in general.

Combat is insane and I’m awful at it so far. What an odd JRPG…

Looking forward to the grind.

Meanwhile, have also been playing “EDF 4.1.” Holy shit what a goofy game. A++ for the simple mechanics and singular goal of blowing everything up. Missions only take a few minutes so it’s a great game to use to unwind after work. Die, giant insects!