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yea i know, it’s another deepmind story, but i thought there were some interesting details here

(like: its realtime, but 350ms input lag, doesn’t rely on inhuman APM, does rely on map visibility and inhuman accuracy)



has anyone here done any development on the PICO-8 fantasy console? discovered it from Celeste and looked into it further, seems really fun and another use for/way to develop Lua skills.

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Script-8 is also a slightly newer (but not necessarily better) take on this:



i’m a huge thief fan but for whatever reason I never got around to playing deadly shadows. anyway, i’m playing it now and it’s really great. using the ‘sneaky upgrade’ fan patch that fixes a lot of things. highly recommended to anyone who enjoys immersive first person games and/or stealth.

it’s a shame the series blew it with the reboot from 2014, but at least we got dishonored I suppose.



Internet free-association today led me to checking up on an early circuitbending/chiptune influence of mine paul slocum and discovering he bnow has an art gallery which hosts all manner of interesting videogame art stuff



Inmost was announced as coming to the Switch in the latest Switch Indies video. Looks just like my cup of tea!

Inmost is an atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer, following three playable characters within one dark, interconnecting story. In an old abandoned castle, you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny, avoid detection, slice your way through enemies and spring deadly traps in order to escape the evil that lurks within…

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Saw this come up in an article the other day, and it turns out they bungled a bunch of stuff and had it doing inhuman APM among other things.


Longer article:



I’ve played with it a bit, though mostly via editing the games/demos it ships with. The pico-8 zines are a pretty fun/good starting resource -

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PICO-8 is really fun! Some years ago I made a Pong clone and half of a Tetris clone:

As soon as the Tetris clone was working properly, I think played it for around 40 minutes before stopping. :sweat_smile:



I just finished this and gosh what a beautiful game. Your comment about screenshots is absolutely correct. Who knew it’d be possible to take so many of such a short game?



another nugget of info for aging fps nerds like me: DUSK is really incredible. highly recommend it to anyone who at all enjoys the original Doom, Quake 1/2, Hexen etc. the game design is more than good enough to overcome the retro gimmick.



I briefly discussed this with my daughter last time she was here and she was pretty ‘meh’ about it. Not just the way they won, the whole idea of the AI doing what it does.

She didn’t go on about it but the mindgame aspects of Starcraft are about facing a specific person, and tournaments where you know who you are playing (e.g. GSL), or mostly know, are quite different from evolving tournaments where you only know which other pro’s qualified.

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Yeah totally.

I’m guessing the thinking was that it would “invent” new strategies ala the Go AI. I guess in something like SC where humans have mechanical limitations (APM/EPM, sight, etc…) it becomes harder to implement something that mirrors those limitations. It would be more like developing a Boston Dynamics robot that can run faster than a human…but somehow with the limitations of a human.

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I’m an old Doom2-head — used to build out levels like crazy. So fun to replace the stock MIDI files with poorly transcribed Nine Inch Nails MIDI files or replace the stock graphics with distressing glitch-trash. Ah, what a time.

Not sure I’m ready to re-live those days but if I ever feel like it I’m going to hit DUSK hard.



Wargroove looks reeealll good. Too bad Intelligent Systems has all but abandoned Advance Wars :frowning:

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I picked up Wargroove yesterday and got through a few maps. I’m 100% trusting it as a spiritual successor to (the timeless, still underappreciated) Advance Wars series, and the level of polish is amazing (the publisher is known primarily for Stardew Valley, and you can expect a similar level of quality here). I’m looking forward to seeing people run wild with the campaign editor over the next few years - it’s surprisingly fleshed out, and even includes cutscene creation tools. I believe you could make a full RPG using it, if you were so inclined.

I’m usually not keen on multiplayer in general, but it’s implemented so well with this game. Asynchronous play (i.e., you can go do something else while everyone else takes their turns, then you get a notification when it’s your turn), and cross-platform multiplayer works across PC, Xbox, and Switch. It’s rare when multiplayer ‘just works’ across the board like that.

By the way, the Steam page says it’s Windows-only, but in fact the game will run on Macs - personally confirmed and running fine. The developer “shadow released” it on Mac, so when you buy the Windows version, it comes with the Mac beta too. It kinda requires a leap of faith to spend that $20, but here’s official confirmation which was enough for me.



Anybody else check out the Anthem demo this weekend? I wasn’t expecting much given the bugs I’d heard about, but found myself enjoying it enough that I’m considering picking it up when it releases.



Haven’t seen any praise for the Witness here yet. I must have spend 60 hours on it so far and it’s been a profound experience. It literally changed my view on the world: I started seeing puzzles everywhere in the real world which can be quite zen like, the game is like one big koan. I can recommend playing on iPad together with a partner. It’s been great learning how different perspectives can be. The game can be frustrating, but hey, just go for a walk across the beautiful nature and be inspired by the island itself. :wink:



I’m really fond of The Witness - it does some good braintickles with the way it teaches you an idea, and then explores… pretty much every possible variant of that idea, letting you master it, and then struggle with a new problem.

Also, there’s something about the rendering of the world that is very, very soothing. I might return to it - I got quite a long way through it. My absolute favourite stuff in it is the “environmental” puzzles. I hated the metaplot around things, though.

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I buckled, and got an excellent deal on a secondhand Switch. Despite not having much time, and frankly ought to be making music, anyone got recommendations? (I have Zelda and Hollow Knight, which frankly is a lot to be going on with).