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The plot is where the game failed me honestly, but it’s too long of a discussion to start now!

Other than that, there’s a lot of interesting attempts in this game and I hope other developpers will find ways to take advantage of the trials and errors of Blow’s opus to push game design further.


@Angela and I were played it a bunch a couple of years ago, and were really really into it. Making paper/pencil puzzles so we can solve some of the harder stuff. Unfortunately we lost a game save and I didn’t have the heart to replay it all again.

That being said, we were talking about it the other day, and I think enough time has passed that we have forgotten most of it, so it would be enjoyable to replay what we had played already.


I’m really tempted to get a Switch now that this is out:

the jazz score (all original) is even procedurally generated and sounds pretty great.


my faves, some of which have been mentioned:

Stardew Valley (sorry to mention again!) as a foil to Zelda has been great for me - Zelda for when I want epic adventure, SV for chill and/or shorter times, but both are long games to sort of get immersed in.

I just completed the main story in Zelda but might only be about halfway through the whole game if I complete all the shrines/side quests. I’m not going for 900 korok seeds, though - that’s insanity, lol.

Everything is a wonderful mindfuck of a game, beautiful soundtrack and strangely beautiful visuals. sort of challenges what a game (or life?) can be about.

Pikuniku is a weird/fun one, with single and 2 player options. really cool minimal-ish visuals, super easy to pick up but there’s a surprising amount of subtlety to it.

multiplayer, I’ve had a lot of fun with Overcooked and have liked the time I’ve played Mario Kart.

there are a handful of free demos on the Switch store, too - I’d recommend checking them out!


If anyone is still playing their 3DS (and you should! so many great games on it), it’s worth mentioning that Etrian Odyssey Nexus was released this month for it, one of only 4 or 5 new releases the 3DS has seen over the past year or so. It’s a swansong of the Etrian Odyssey series on the DS and a ‘greatest hits’ compilation of sorts of the series’ best moments. If you’ve never played an EO game before, I highly recommend it - at least if you’re into unapologetically old-school RPGs, even going back as far as the MS-DOS dungeon crawler days of Bard’s Tale and Wizardry, and drawing your own maps on a sheet of graph paper. Don’t be put off by the cutesy anime characters, the games are addictive, brutally difficult, highly strategic, and somehow, a meditative way to spend a moment here and there. Something about the gameplay loops is soothing and hypnotic, and there’s a real rush when you barely survive a difficult battle, not unlike Dark Souls.

Oh, and the music throughout the series is simply incredible. The older games (1-3, I believe) used the glorious FM soundchip of the Sega Genesis to great effect, while 4 and on are fully orchestrated and no less beautiful.

The 3DS is presumed dead by so many that it looks like most of the gaming press isn’t even bothering to review the game or report on it, so I feel extra compelled to draw attention to this perennial underdog of a series, of which this might be the finest entry so far. (If you don’t have a 3DS, apparently the next title will be developed for the Switch, although they might be making drastic changes to the format) (Personally, I have Etrian Odyssey 3 playable on my Android stylus phone via a Nintendo DS emulator, and it’s unexpectedly perfect as something I always have available for a minute or two of free time throughout the day)


I finally got a Switch. I’m definitely in the ‘not a big gamer’ camp, and while Hollow Knight looked cool, it was the news of Baldur’s Gate being ported over that offically helped me make the decision. So I bought the Banner Saga tactical RPG and Hollow Knight to mess with while I wait to play BG. It’s the last game I really went deep with and time passed without me recognizing reality around me. Still, that lasted about 2 or 3 weeks and I was over it, so yeah, excited - but still not really going to end up diving as deep as many of my pals. BUT -----

BALDUR’S GATE RULES! :slight_smile:


glad to see so much From Software love here. Have played all of the Souls games to death and mainly play soulslikes and shumps these days when I play anything. Or the Yakuza series when I want to get in the beat em up zone.

I recently finished The Surge, which is a sci-fi soulslike with a sharp corporate/tech/climate change dystopia satirical edge. Played that and Horizon Zero Dawn basically back to back and it made me marvel at how matter of fact about an impending eco-apocalypse pop culture is getting.

Been playing Immortal: Unchained which is a really low budget sci-fi/morse Soulslike with a twist that it’s also a shooter. It’s got some frustrating design decisions early on and didn’t review great but word of mouth among my Souls-obsessed friends is incredibly positive so I’m sticking with it.

Sekiro is approaching fast…


and so to my only game purchase of 2019…


I bought my first 3DS in February. It’s the only Nintendo console I hadn’t participated in. (Save the Virtual Boy, May he seizure in peace.)

I picked it up, because I don’t want to miss out on A Link Between Worlds. I didn’t buy Minish Cap, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since I realized I missed the window. I didn’t do my research well enough, because I honestly just assumed that I’d be able to play Minish on the 3DS. Oh well!

Really been enjoying ALBW. I picked up Mario Maker and Marioland 3D. I have a lot of DS titles.

Will check out the Etrian compilation you mentioned.

Anyone else have any memorable 3DS titles?


I’m playing through ALBW right now as well. Coming from playing Breath of the Wild and getting spoiled by that game raising the bar for art in video games, i’m surprised that it’s no less enjoyable of an experience for being 2D (er, semi-3D? it does crazy things with perspective, so maybe it’s just plain ol’ 3D) and smaller. Really fun!

re: Etrian Odyssey, worth noting the previous (highly-rated) entry of the series is on deep discount at Gamestop right now ($17.99 new)

Since 90% of my gaming seems to be mobile at the moment, I’m excited that Cultist Simulator is arriving to iOS and Android soon. I’m sold just on the first paragraph of Rock Paper Shotgun’s review:

In my time with Cultist Simulator, I’ve browsed hidden book shops for arcane grimoires, sent loyal acolytes on doomed expeditions, and felled nosy investigators with poisoned tea. I’ve been reduced to begging in the street for opium money, and I’ve sacrificed followers with antique daggers in secret rites to restore my vitality. Weather Factory’s first outing is what I imagine playing solitaire with Necronomicon pages might feel like, if those pages then formed a map to the location of a much older, much more cryptic tome that made the Necronomicon look like The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Is there a problem with minish cap on 3DS? I bought it (along with oracle of ages / seasons) on the online store with 0 issue and it was a joy to play! Is it not available anymore?


Minish Cap is not available for me in the eShop. (I’m in Canada). Were you an early adopter to the 3DS? I believe there was some kind of early price drop, and as a compensation, Nintendo created the “Ambassador program,” and offered Minish Cap with it.

I think it has something to do with the 3DS hardware (or at least the first iteration) not being able to properly play GBA games. I don’t completely understand the limitations. And I’m not sure if the limitations are real or Nintendo fabricated.

@LLK, You had my hopes up for a second! Apparently Minish did go to WiiU, which I don’t have. So there’s hope it’ll land on Switch in time.


Damn man I had no idea I had those because of ambassador program I thought this was just some old nes games I already had in 10 other platforms. Sorry for the false hope then! Crazy they’re not releasing them on eshop, gba emulation is flawless and they’re a joy to play.


For those that don’t know, the Epic Games Store has started offering a different free game every two weeks and the current game is Thimbleweed Park (pc AND mac), made by some of the same people behind Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. Next one is Slime Rancher on March 7th.


the environmental puzzles are up there with portal in terms of completely amazing puzzle design and fun inclusion. and the method used for showing you how many were missing was pure art. the witness is amazing. someday i will platinum it i hope but the last puzzle set is so brutal.

the narrative starts great but then does get too self conscious if you dig deep enough. best to just turn off sound in true endgame anyway :hear_no_evil:

i play through it periodically. the world is so pretty. and there’s no violence!

i’m always trying to get everyone i know to play it. started another plaything recently but saving it for when someone else i know will give it a go.

still playing grow home.

deeply looking forward and long since preorderd sekiro.

if money every opens up, may snag a switch and xbone for exclusives.

@asaunders can you talk about your soulslike games you mentioned. ive eyed and passed on the non FS games you mentioned but will oh so totally give em a go if you think they are great.


Does anybody have a functioning copy of Gridwars 2 for Mac OS? Want to introduce my kids to it and it’s mostly gone from the web.


My experience with non-From Soulslikes and non-Soulslike From games:

Hollow Knight is a perfect Soulslike-Metroidvania mash up with incredible art direction and wonderfully tight gameplay that eases you into becoming great at platforming. One of the best games of this generation.

Nioh has a deep combat system that innovates on top of the Souls design by including stances, but it brings with it some diabalo-esque loot grinding I found tiresome. I do mean to go back and beat the main game; the core is solid.

The Surge doesn’t have much viable build variety until the mid-late game unless you grind. But the grind is more fun in The Surge than any other Soulslike because the combat itself is quite fun and the way the grind works (dismembering specific limbs to harvest specific crafting materials; when you die the “scrap” you drop has a 2.5 minute timer before it disappears but you add time by killing mobs, get it to 5+ minutes and your scrap is doubled when picked up…) The story has a strong satirical punch aimed at corporations, PR, Valley tech optimism, climate change…

Salt & Sanctuary is a 2-d Soulslike and it was fun but I didn’t love it enough to see it through.

Immortal: Unchained is currently frustrating the hell out of me by feeling like it’s NG+ difficult in NG. I may just have a shitty build but I’ve put it aside for now and will start over again with a build guide later.

King’s Field (King’s Field 2 in Japan) is a ps1 game that predates DualShock and uses the shoulder buttons to look up/down and strafe. After 2 hours of walking around like an idiot I got used to it. An FPS where the S means slasher, this is so much like Dark Souls and yet so different (healing can be instant so in tough fights you can mash heal to get through…); if the idea of playing a super early PS1 game is appealing, KF is legit fantastic.

Same goes for Shadow Tower, which is harder at first than KF.


@dude You can tell how many times this Nioh miniboss killed me by how much of a coward I become part way through the fight:


Still waiting for the final part. I see Cardboard Computing have launched a Patreon account where you can get more updates etc. than the rest of us. I have yet to be convinced to sign up, but I do love the game.


Yeah. I stopped after the third part. I want to wait until it’s all ready and then start from the beginning again :slight_smile: