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I absolutely love Hollow Knight on the Switch. I keep coming back to it, finding all these new areas I’ve missed.

Also, Celeste is a great game but it’s pretty short. The music is lovely though.


i don’t know where you are in that game but i gave up likely far before on the giant black jelly water blob. was a ridiculous fight that was no fun whatsoever.


hollow knight was fantastic, can’t wait for the sequel recently announced. i do believe the late game platforming is unfair though. became utterly ridiculous and while i did finish a lot of it (well past 100%) it goes nuts. that’s not fun imo. i still love the game for art direction.

i thought nioh was cheap crap.

the surge and immortal unchained if ever go on deep sale, will try.

salt and sanctuary i loved but got to one boss that seemed impossible so i bailed never to have returned.

i tried shadow tower and it was very too difficulty at first. did not see it through.

thank you so much for your thoughts!



nioh was quite bad yeah


i REALLY wish there would be some kind of update on kentucky route zero act v


I also had trouble with that boss but I got at least twice as far into the game as that boss and it was an outlier in terms of, let’s be kind and say “weird difficulty spikes.”

Speed runners take that boss down so fast it’s almost hilarious.


the tv complete console version is at the top of my soon 2 ps4 short list as is wattam, the pathless and a few others.


witness free on ps+ this month!


thanks for the heads up! I always forget to check.


Anyone here played “Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir?” It looks like a lovely, interesting action RPG.

I’m looking for a new PS VITA game to mess with during breaks at work as I am very stuck in “Geometry Wars 3.”


Vanillaware stuff is always great from a purely graphic / mechanic standpoint. It just flows well, the variety and precision in the drawings / 2D animated sprites is crazy, and they’ve been doing this for a long enough time that they really master the receipe. I personally much prefer Muramasa, as I think it suited their style better, but Odin Sphere is also very nice. They kind of lost their way in the past years on a project that I think they don’t really know how to finish (13 sentinel aegis rim), and I wish them the best of luck to get this one out as it seems like a big leap out of their last decade formula, but yeah, interesting studio, to me they were kind of the Japanese version of an indie studio before indie was what it’s become.


some vita recs!

race the sun

soul sacrifice delta

sound shapes

I just picked up Shiren The Wanderer when it was on sale, but I haven’t played yet.


so much info dropped today, I listened to what Lobos Jr and Epic Name Bro had to say in their intros and read a couple articles like the one below but I’m avoiding the actual videos. Seen enough for now I think.

16 days left. Placing a vacation request now.


I will stay away from this thread when sekiro is released because I’m really starting to have a From Software overdose ^^ (I’ll play the game at some point though !)


not watching a single thing about sekiro as is my FROM custom

i’m really stoked. i used to love tenchu, i - in theory- dig stealth games, and i became very fatigued with the dumbed down PVP mechanics as the souls titles went on so no mp feels like a blessing


I’m so unbelievably excited for Sekiro. That is all.


I found out about it via @rbxbx. My son and I started messing around with it, our first game is Lefty vs. the Brainless Skulls you can see the source code for it on Github. It’s not a good game, but it is in fact a game. We’re starting to talk about our next one, which we hope will be a) less about shooting and b) more fun.

Pico 8 is super approachable. The 8-bit graphics make things less intense, but you still need to learn about things like collision detection and how to effectively use maps. Plus that whole making it fun thing. We liked that everything is included. You make your sprites, your music and your code…all in Pico-8. There isn’t a bunch of tools you need to learn, just Pico 8. The code editor can be weird at first, but you can edit source with external tools just fine. That said, I ended up writing most of the code in Pico 8. I just got used to it.

Since putting that game out, we hooked up a raspberry pi to an old CRT TV for a full blown retro feel. It’s like programming on a vic-20. So good.

I also started in on the Nature of Code book and Kadenze class with a goal of adding some more physics / quirky movement to our games. He’s 11, I’m 42, we have no illusions of this being anything other than fun. Pico 8 seems optimized for fun. Buuuuuut, we’re both starting to eye Unity. Because…it’s shinnnnnny.


Very cool!

My kids started modding games at that age (a lot of it on the Warcraft III platform at the time) because we allowed them very little computer time unless it had a creative outcome. They dragged me into doing related work by demonstrating that their tools were better than the academic tools I was using.

I kinda wish I had your experience of directly working with them but to be honest they were heavily involved in online communities and getting better to-the-point information from others than I could provide (though I occasionally pushed some math knowledge and my wife pushed some UX knowledge in their way).

Anyway, very very cool what you’re doing!!


This is great, didn’t realize you had made a full game!

I made it to level 3 before dying :frowning:

It’s pretty impressive how terse/readable the code is for something relatively involved like this. Props to you and the kiddo.


I’d recommend having a look at UE4 too. It does many things in a much nicer way than Unity (unless maybe if you want to make a very simple 2D game). But then, I’m probably biased as I’ve been using Unreal for 12+ years… :slight_smile: