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Thanks! I went with “Muramasa” based on your review and now I’m looking forward to “13 Sentinel…,” too, which I had not heard about.

So far, “Muramasa’s” p. gorgeous, arcade-y, and fun.


Thanks! I haven’t played any of those!

“Soul Sacrifice Delta” has been on my list for a while.

I’d never heard of “Race the sun.” That looks like something I could def. get into…


those are my two vita mains, highly recommend both! SSD is kinda like a weird super nihilistic monter hunter and race the sun is just a very nice pick up and play for 15 minutes type thing.


13 Sentinel is gonna be a completely different game, more in a visual novel style but I’m still confused, first by the history of the studio, and also by the 2D scrolling aspect of the game which really isn’t an ideal feat for this kind of things but I do wish them the best and hope it comes out to be an interesting piece of work. (I’ll also add : narration through dialogue has never been their strongest suit so that’s also confusing as opposed to narration through gameplay and animation where they really excell)


TxK is magic, if you like arcade games. It looks phenomenal on the OLED.


Seems like this is a thing people in this thread would appreciate:




Not even played it but I’ve mostly been a bit obsessed this week with this one-man outsider point + click cyberpunk adventure.

Found via the developer’s interview with william gibson and been listening to lots of his other podcasts + livestreams, interesting guy! Style is right up my street tho I realise he is developing and getting more ‘polished’.


So happy videogame is going there now. I should make a post someday for all of Nathalie Lawhead’s body of work. Makes me somewhat hopeful for the medium.


Would be interested to read that!


Interesting concept. The Switch is a powerful little device, and with SuperCollider running on it with all that graphical horsepower for the UI, could make an interesting toy.


Does this actually have SC under the hood somewhere, or was that just a hypothetical? I didn’t see it mentioned.


sekiro in 7 hours !!!


Hypothetical. It’ll have some kind of sound library, and SC is used a lot on video games. Many Unity houses use it, and Switch dev is centered on Unity. I reckon there is a way in.