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so i’ve gotten to actual gameplay. the scenery is great. i do think story plays differently in that we already see foreshadowing of event lines that aren’t hidden on artifact item descriptions. the combat almost reminds me of mad max or something. it’s definitely topicalish… leading me down the nioh thought path but just feels to me in very same wheelhouse of straddling ninja/samurai fantasy action rpg elements with riffs on soulsborne combat while being more fiddly. i’m not loving the combat. i suck at parrying. hahaha. thankful for the practice guy.

and i know i am being super critical. i am also sure it will get more fun and open up and be great.

loving everything about sekiro except for how horrible I am at it- my years of dark souls dodging are useless in Sekiro, as its all about parrying. super hard game.

dodging and counters are still totally viable in sekiro, there’s just no iframes so you have to re-evaluate what dodging is and be more careful.

the parry actually seems better balanced in this game than in souls/BB wherein fishing for it isn’t really punished. here as usual it’s deployed as a risky but high reward critical that will get you into trouble if you’re spamming it.

and maybe oddly(?) i haven’t found myself feeling handicapped by not being able to reliably parry yet. really, i feel as though, just like in dks/BB you could have a totally fine time in this game with a playstyle that fully disregards the parry

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Just wanted to chime in that I also really enjoyed The Witness, though the “real” end game is frustrating.


Finding all of the hidden landscape puzzles is an excercise in frustration. I spent a lot of of hours retracting the island looking for the column patterns, and that’s when I lost motivation to keep going. I have excessively good spacial memory, so I can imagine I’m not alone here.

Thanks for highlighting this. I haven’t played video games in ages but I checked this out and it looked pretty cool so I downloaded it on a whim… a ton of fun! I think I played for 6 hours straight instead of sleeping before a cross country flight… really like that there’s no time limits or pressure or anything… just building, exploring, and optimizing things at your own pace.

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i’ve changed my tune on sekiro. it rocks. i do still have the same gripes but the good outshines the trouble. i love miyazaki just like i love modcan b and madcap coffee.

it wasn’t much of a surprise with all the rumors and hints floating around, but i’m still amazed vampires the masquerade 2 is happening. really hope they can deliver with this. the original is one of my all time favorite “western” rpgs.

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Currently at PAX East. Two things that were immensely fun/funny.

I was on a motorcycle grabbing hearts and punching the hearts out of people, all to a fantastic soundtrack.

Took me a while to understand what this was, I still don’t fully get it. It appears to be a game in which you hold hands and laugh a lot. Pure joy.

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imo it’s very very good. for me it’s better than DkS3 for sure and 2 by a huge margin. i’m tempted right now to rank it alongside DeS

BB/DkS 1



Anyone game on Steam? I have a copy of RISK OF RAIN 2 to give away. Part of their early access deal is BOGO. RISK OF RAIN is a contemporary classic roguelike. Number 2 is in 3d and slays face so far. For roguelikes, I dig ISAAC and RoR. This new thing is the whaaaat. Send me a DM w yr eMail and I’ll gift it over.


Don’t know how many people here are fans of Borderlands, but I just saw the trailer for 3 :heavy_heart_exclamation:

day 1 purchase with zero doubt.

Still playing Destiny 2 / a friend lent me his ps4 so I could buy and play Spider-man, haven’t yet.


i can’t grade it or put in hierarchy yet but i’m feeling more and more drawn in. it is so difficult that it requires patience deeper on my part. feels very similar to open world aspect of demons souls. has verticality unprecedented. i’ve yet to see an actual boss which is hilarious and shows you how slow i’m moving or how bad i am lol.

i’m loving it :hamburger:

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I’m also loving Sekiro at the moment. Super hard but I’m making progress and it is very rewarding. I’m amazed how many mini-bosses they put after each other, no time to breath.

The actual gameplay feels great. Super intense, precise and with so much punch. Parry is more important than in DS, but also more exact to perform.

In general, I’d say the whole game is about being agressive and moving towards the enemy. Instead of waiting for opportunities you have to create them.

When I started with Dark Souls many moons ago, I had a hard time playing it patiently and it took me a while to master it. Sekiro on the other hand feels like I would naturally approach a game. It’s just a lot harder than other games.

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giant snake is soooooo demons souls

Same, I usually wait for prices to drop before picking up games, but I might make an exception this time…

What platform are you playing destiny 2 on?

Unless it is a franchise I’m heavily invested in, I usually leave it too.
Anthem and Spider-man are waiting for the second hand sales.

I’m playing on xbone, do you play?

I am so very excited about B3. I even sat through that horrible launch event at PAX via Twitch.

Guns with legs? We got you, boo.

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Too bad I didn’t see this until now. I picked it up yesterday after their BOGO deal was over. I probably played over 100 hours on the first one.

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wattam is very looking forward am i to as made by man maker katamari