Concentrics 7

it’s been a unique challenge to try resuming creative work while raising a kid…so i returned to this series (and it’s foundational principles) to test various workflows + guide myself out of a hiatus

as with the previous six concentrics, i’ve focused on the community here as a catalyst for beats, synth cycles and rhythmic mixing

along with the essential tools and software shared by users here…this edition features contributions from two inspiring friends @a_davi + @yuk!

it has been a pleasure working together and i’m very grateful for the support and ideas they brought to the table for this collection

two tracks are currently available for preview (olous + jcama)
so let’s chat about em!

when the rest are available tomorrow i’d be happy to discuss the whole project with you



Both preview tracks sound fantastic.

I would like to chat about how you put the various elements together.

Do you, for example, layer them in a DAW? Or perhaps perform them all live?

The click clack bonk genre (“CCB”) is in ascension.

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Both but i’m lazy. Finding ways to make loops in ableton that I don’t hate has been at the root of almost every concentrics tape

I’m also keen to use the series to learn: new gear, old/neglected plugins, some mixing technique i read about recently…i try it all

My laziness takes both forms depending on the day

olous, for example, was produced live with minimal changes to the structure or arrangement to interrupt the flow ~ i’m drumming with samples (mpc) straight into a looper (norns)…the norns tape was imported to daw, i then edited it for length and made fx tweaks

sign of laziness? i could never force myself to program drums in a pattern like that so i don’t try, also i refrained from adding more explicit melody to allow listeners to focus on the rhythmic progressions

jcama on the other hand, was 100% in-the-box daw production built with m4l devices on a day i didn’t feel like patching outboard instruments together


congrats ma bro
is fire work

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anybody got questions?

When does the tape drop? :slightly_smiling_face:

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no plans for a physical release this time
but i still have a few copies of six if you missed it :wink:

also,stay tuned for more glia tapes in 2021
i’m recording a few right now


No questions for now. Just wanted to say: Good Stuff :ok_hand:

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tandm was featured recently on nts!
shoutout to the whole west coast fam (esp yuk. + asonic :grinning:)

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