Concept - Hardware Breakout Box for virtual modular?

I’m just getting started with BEAP and making my own ‘virtual’ synths to use with my Monome grids. I got to thinking how cool it would be to change patches on the fly with a hardware breakout box that would allow my to change my patching on the fly. Currrently it doesn’t seem possible in BEAP (for me) because I can’t see if or where the inputs and outputs are exposed. I looked in patterstorage and don’t see any way to change the connections on the fly.

But would it be fun to physically patch a patch in MAX?

it seems the grid is this tool, which you describe :slight_smile:

One way:

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Also this:

Discontinued, but open source

If whatever virtual modular in question talks OSC then the Illucia DTR is perfect for this. You could I guess do midi too with an intermediary Max patch.