Concréte Systems

I expect many of you are aware of the (retired) Make Noise System Concréte:

In their words: The System Concréte music synthesizer is a small system devoted to capturing external sounds and sculpting them into new ones.

My own system is along these lines, but designed as a hybrid system with Max integration. It’s currently heading for version 1.0 status, a couple of modules away from what I’m hoping to rest on for a while:

(14hp of the free space is probably for the new clouds)

But I like the original Make Noise idea of a portable system in the spirit of Concréte manipulation. I’m really enjoying the Magneto - Morphagene interaction, so a possible smaller portable variant in the future could be (perhaps in two rows, but 126hp seems like my minimum requirement for a stereo system):

Does anyone else have a system they use for this kind of sound manipulation? Please post any discussion points, systems or sound samples.

Here is a single take of Morphagene / Magneto feedback exploration to start off:

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My system is also pretty much devoted to processing and shaping external sounds. These come into the system from (contact) mics via Koma Field Kit or MI Ears (or both). I also have an Octatrack in the loop which I use to capture, loop, slice and dice stuff.
Teletype and Marbles work as both continuous and “stepped” modulation sources.

Let me see if I can find some decent audio examples on my harddrive. I’m still trying to figure this out somehow.


This is the latest revision of my little external processing skiff, or it will be once the QPAS arrives in the mail. o_C running Hemisphere. If only MN would make a stereo-in Erbe-Verb it’d be just about perfect!


trying to figure out my next 3u for collaboration later this spring (why not get ahead it’s a fun thought exercise) and my desire to have both EuroDDL and Clouds for sampling/looping might make it a 6u. drama.

EDIT: yeah that might be tough stay tuned for a 6u.


This is one iteration of a setup I take out when traveling. Not seen is the Grid and Arc. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have my 16n Faderbank that will obviously play an interesting role in live audio processing.


Probably half of what I do with my modular is manipulation of captured sounds. Between the Reflex Liveloop and D0 there’s a ton of weird possibilities! Lately my favorite thing to do is setting up 4-6 second buffers on the D0 and getting the feedback balanced just right so that it will loop endlessly, and then taking things from there. It sounds great once something’s been looping in there for about a minute and is starting to degrade into noise.


Interesting thread! Here’s the system I’ve designed to process stereo field recordings. The driving idea is making this a compact and fully battery powered mobile system. The system is designed to split into two 4MS Pod 60 skiffs, each modified for 5V USB battery power. I’ve been testing my first modified Pod 60, and it’s working well. Sub-mixing will be done in the ER-301, and the final mix, monitoring, and recording with a MixPre 6 field recorder.

The system is meant to maximize control of the ER301 with multiple offsets and gates, and provide a good amount of attenuated modulation. A significant amount of space is devoted to stereo processing.


So my main idea was a small system mostly composed of effects and I think it is starting to look nicely and I use it to process external synths. Right now I am torn between buying morphagene or buying ring mod and delay and using my phone as a sample player but morphagene is so much more so I will probably end with at least one make noise module :smiley:
Edit: ER301 also looks realy interesting but I wonder how „playable” it is while in a more improvisational context?


ER-301’s playability depends on your control modules. If you can devote a decent amount of offsets and manual gates as ER-301 controllers, it’s very playable. The 16n faderbank will be a big step forward as an ER-301 controller–the 16 channels can be used as offsets or gate triggers.


This is nearly identical to the system I’m building for the same purpose.

I go back and forth on Cold Mac vs Ears+ODIO.

The 2hp at the far left is a placeholder for Crows :wink:


What’s that to the left of your Batumi?

That’s the Pequeño Interruptor. It’s got 6 passive switches on a 1hp panel that you can hook up to any modules that use jumpers. Takes the place of a Poti expander, and switches the behavior of my clock divider too.

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I’ve been putting together this fairly minimal concréte system over the last few months.
It will be used in conjunction with a laptop (broken 10 year old Macbook Pro I bought for €25 and fixed) running Max and a Manta controller.
Just in case you’re not familiar with the Manta -
Max will provide CV and some additional effects with audio and CV going back and forth via the ES8. Still have a bit of Maxing to do on that front.


Nice to see all these systems! Lots of similarities, but also many variations.

as suggested setup; a preamp, a pulse/trigger generator, a reverb, delay, some band pass filters and a mixer. A sampler or a tape deck would provide input in this setup.