Conductor is a LFO designer / CV sequencer for norns & crow & grid.

Draw a shape on the grid, watch your crow play that sequence back as CV, clocked by the norns system clock. And when you want to geek out, dive in to params and customize everything! Clock divisions, slew shapes, min & max voltages, playback direction, start & end points, swing & delay… all customizable for each crow output.

Maybe think of it as somewhere between Malekko’s Voltage Block and Acid Rain’s Maestro?

Shout out @tyleretters @infinitedigits and more for Lattice, which does a pretty big chunk of the work


  • norns
  • crow
  • grid (required for now, eventually I’ll probably make a gridless interface)



  • K2 stops playback
  • K3 resumes playback

Grid “zoomed out” page:

  • Every 2 rows controls 1 crow output
  • 1st row in pair
    • Shows the LFO shape via brightness
    • Click a button to jump playhead to that position
    • You can also hold buttons to set start & end points
  • 2nd row in pair
    • Left buttons paginate
    • Right buttons, in order
      • Play/pause
      • Mute/unmute
      • Zooms in

Grid “zoomed in” page:

  • Top 7 rows set voltage level
  • Last row:
    • Left buttons paginate
    • Middle buttons switch tracks
    • Right buttons, in order
      • Play/pause
      • Mute/unmute
      • Zooms out

Additional per-output params in params menu:

  • Clock divisions (numerator and divisor)
  • Swing
  • Delay (e.g., 5% after the beat)
  • Slew shape (sine, triangle, square)
  • Min & Max voltage


  • Save & recall shapes across sessions
  • Gridless UI
  • Quantization
  • Randomization
  • More fine-grained CV entry (grid only allows 7 distinct levels)
  • More slew shapes (especially saw & ramp)
  • Show playheads on grid
  • Hard sync option


Currently in beta v0.0.3

Install via the Maiden command line: visit http://norns.local/maiden when your norns is on WiFi and type


into the command entry box at the bottom of the screen.


congrats on the release! i’ll play with this over the weekend and offer feedback!


Wow! Great script! :heart_eyes: please consider adding MIDI out for us without a crow :pray:t2:



lowercase added because the forum software didn’t think it was a sentence with just capitals. lol

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i haven’t had a moment to try this out - but i’m very excited to.

i had been thinking a while back that a grid would be an excellent interface for maestro / pam’s workout style modulation performance interactions.

would be cool if you could make banks for shapes & then meta sequence them…

or even just have a view where you can jump between shape custom presets in realtime.




Oh yeah great idea! This will be more complicated than it sounds, as right now all the slew timing & shape behavior we get “for free” from crow. I’ll have to implement my own slew library to make it work with MIDI, so it may be a while before I get to this :pray:

I love the idea of a meta-sequencer! I’ll have to think for a while about how it will work from a UX perspective :thinking: I was definitely going to work on “Save & recall shapes across sessions” next, so there’s probably a clean step from that to meta-sequencing! But I may do more of the other “simple” features first (gridless, quantization, randomization, etc.)


I had a brief moment to play with this and it was a lot of fun modulating my Plaits and Morphagene.

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Looks really interesting- I’ve not tried it yet but is it possible to add as an option, user added, gate/triggers at places along the timeline?

I saw this and it reminded me of the description in your script

and this drawable envelope generator

Ps +1 on the metasequencer ASL idea.


Can you explain this a bit more?

Initial answer: you control the CV output level at every point in the timeline, so you can make whatever shapes you want! Gates, triggers, triangles, sines… 4 separate channels (outputs) of whatever you want!

OK i got you thanks. I shouldn’t have made suggestions without having gone on the script first.
I’ve just had a quick go on the script and its awesome :slight_smile:
Now i have i can see you can put different envelope shapes on output 1 and on for example triggers on output 2 - using a square slew +5v. Lots of interesting ideas with the random, delay and swing.
Thank you!


Small bug-fix release: v0.0.3 (bca6505) to work with the lattice rename from pattern to sprocket

Update via the Maiden command line: visit http://norns.local/maiden when your norns is on WiFi and type


into the command entry box at the bottom of the screen.

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This is fantastic! I’m curious if you’ve thought about how to show the playhead positions on the grid.

Probably same as how I do in Cyrene: a dim light moving across the grid.

I don’t have much time at all to work on these scripts, but shouldn’t be too hard once I can get around to it! If you’d like to help, I’d love to help you help :sweat_smile:

No rush just asking, is there some advance for MIDI output?? Thanks :pray:t2:

Same answer as before, sorry :pensive:

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