Library of M4L devices based on the modules in The Party Van, Cut Glove, and TPV2.

I will slowly add more modules to this as I go through and convert them, generally with some refactoring/improvements, and better commenting/documentation. At the time of posting this 7 have been completed. I will also be creating some new ones in the same formfactor (working on a simplified and improved version of The Chocolate Grinder at the moment, which will be a more accurate emulation of a skipping CD player).

The first major refactor is the revamped version of Cloud.


Cloud is an onset-based “real-time” granularization effect with some snazzy machine learning under the hood.

The parameters are as follows:
Activity - Determines the overall rate of activity (including grain durations)
Mode - Selects between “chunk” or “grain” mode. (chunk is a slow/singular playback mode with grain mode being a fast/granular mode)
Pitch - Controls random playback speed depth. (0 = no speed manipulation)
Timbre - Crossfades between different signal decomposition layers (0 = “harmonic” layer only, 50% = all layers, 100% = “transients” only) using @tremblap’s fancy-pants FluCoMa tools. (there’s a FluCoMa discourse too, for those that feel machine learn-y/geek-y)
Blend - Blend between dry and wet audio (50% = both at 100%)
Width - Stereo width of grain playback


Live/M4L or Max (Mac/Windows).


Additional documentation/videos forthcoming.
Cloud uses the HIRT and FluCoMa libraries (all dependencies are built into M4L device, so no need to download anything).



Muchas gracias rodrigo! Can’t wait to try them :blush:

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i genuinely love you

thanks for this rod!


It’s his birthday today too, so that’s a nice comment to get today :slight_smile:


All the best @Rodrigo :slight_smile:

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What a wonderful thing, to give such a present to us all on your birthday. Thanks @Rodrigo


Thank you for your inspiring work, and happy birthday !


omg yes. in rather bleak times joy can be elusive.

can’t wait to give em a spin!

thank you so much rodrigo!! happy birthday 2 u :dizzy:


machine learning

i have been bingeing this AI podcast with lex fridman; so excited to see these techniques being applied to our happy lil sound town

edit: holy moly thanks for linking to FluCoMa, just what i was looking for…

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Cool beans. I believe @tremblap is going to make a more comprehensive post on that tomorrow, but yes, it is some exciting stuff.


thank you for all the work you have put into these!

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i am most excited about the current work on cd-glitch manifestation chocolate grinder resurgence new versioning!

this can be seen as nothing other than a good thing, thereby i consider this a good day.


Yeah, it’s more a matter of figuring out what would make sense as a standalone device (in this same form-factor) vs being a “full blown” patch or instrument.

The focus has been primarily on refactoring the older ones, starting from the ones I use the most, and clean up their code, improve things as needed, and refactor refactor those that need/deserve an overhaul (i.e. Cloud).

There will still be minor changes to these as I tweak/update things (going to add Push support to all of them, but having some funny-business with live.banks at the moment), but the device name name should stay the same, so you should be able to just update to new versions willy nilly without breaking things.


I am withholding a proper post on this very soon, we are working on the release candidate… when you release for 3 OSs and 4 environment (for a total of 11 combinations as there are no Max on Linux) plus the code all free on GitHub, it takes some time :wink:


This is all really impressive! Thank you! Push support will be great.