I am withholding a proper post on this very soon, we are working on the release candidate… when you release for 3 OSs and 4 environment (for a total of 11 combinations as there are no Max on Linux) plus the code all free on GitHub, it takes some time :wink:


This is all really impressive! Thank you! Push support will be great.

It’d be worth downloading fresh copies of things as there have been some tweaks and improvements here and there, but I’m mainly bumping this because Resonator was broken (Width and Brightness weren’t working), so that’s now fixed, and it also uses considerably less CPU to boot!

Oh, I also added an Overview patch, showing how to use the devices in Max, for those unfamiliar with the process AND I figured out the multiple output stuff too, so expect this coming soon:

(an audio descriptor to modular device (for use with Expert Sleepers type things)


@Rodrigo this pack is incredible. I’ve started playing around with these devices and have already gotten really inspired. The Chopper especially feels really intuitive and deep. Thank you so much for this!

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chopper is one of the coolest devices I’ve ever used, thanks for sharing these! I found some really cool emergent rhythms by modulating between the forward sequence mode and most recent buffer modes (that’s what I’m doing with the more “kick” sound.

sounds here are 2 instances of plox, with lots of processing from ableton devices and the creative extensions pack.

it would be cool if there was a modulation mappable button to clear the buffer. you can hear how the rhythm is more like sparse and dynamic at the beginning of this, but then it sort of “saturates” after a bit once the buffer fills up (I think that’s what is happening). would be cool to have a way to get back to the intro feel as things go on.


Yeah, it’s one of my favorites to use that one! Sooo many possibilities.

The core patch is actually a Graham Wakefield patch that comes included in Max! It’s in the help menu: /help/Examples/gen/gen~.chopper_repeat

There’s been a stripped back version of it in TPV since almost the beginning. The confetti revamp exposes more of the parameters and scales things nicely and such.

It’s all wrapped up in a single gen~ object and I wouldn’t know how to clear the (internal) buffer without breaking other things. What I normally do for behavior like this is just cut out or limit the audio that I’m sending to the device. So basically setting the device to 100% wet, and running the “direct” audio parallel to it, then treat it like a send where you just send it little bits as you want.


Yikes, been ages since I updated one. Just added the revamped Lofi module which I’m quite pleased with. @jamesbradbury93 helped modern-ify the mp3-ification section, which can now go negative as well as having an overal Detail parameter.

I may update this in the future to allow for changing of routing, but the sound is pretty sweet now.

Screenshot 2021-01-01 at 7.33.49 pm


oh my lord does that look nice, dunno how i missed that bit !


I did a pretty big overhaul to a bunch of these yesterday (including a fairly big change to Lofi), so if you’ve downloaded these, go ahead and swap them all out for new versions.

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 10.21.29 am


i cant wait to check these out!


The new Lofi is the only one that doesn’t work for me :frowning: It only passes audio with the Blend control set to less than 100%, but it doesn’t process the audio. Perhaps I’m missing something?

The rest of the devices are golden! Thanks a lot!


Hmm. Are you on mac or windows? Live or Max? Any errors being thrown up?

Mac, Live.

Nope. Just no processed sound. All the others work as expected (or rather better than expected :slight_smile: ). Maybe I’m missing something obvious – I’m new to m4l.



Ok, make sure you’ve downloaded the most recent one as I did an update about a month ago.

In live if you right click the title bar of the device you should see this menu:
Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 10.53.33 pm

Select “Open Max Window” and then you should see this:

Thanks for your help, Rodrigo! I only downloaded Confetti a few days ago, so I assume I’ve got the latest version. When I select “show Max window”, I get this:

Over here I’m on Windows 10. Lofi immediately crashes both Live 10 and 11 upon adding it to a track. All other devices seem to work.

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It looks like a bunch of the objects haven’t been included for whatever reason. I’ll investigate and post an update here.


Can you guys try this to see if it works? (before pushing to github)

It should have all externals attached.

@Virgil , did it generate a crash report? That would be useful to have if possible.

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Same thing.

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This opens fine with no crashes in Win 10 / Live 10 for me, but no audio.Opening the max console shows the fl. objects missing still