'Conistone' and 'Gwylfa / Dusktrail' by Structures Group

Hello lllllllliners, I’m new around here, and am very happy to find this humming community of music obsessives. Looking forward to digging through the archives, and have already turned up some gems.

A bit about me. I’ve been recording electronic music on and off since the early 1990s, and in the early 2000s was lucky enough to work as a freelance interface designer for Native Instruments (early versions of Traktor, Battery and Kontakt). That experience took me deeper into music-technology, synthesis and audio processing. From about 2004 I was a member of two improvisational noise-combos: the four-piece Hey Driver Cool Down the Horses, and the duo Truant Monks, together with artist Jens Nordmann. Truant Monks performed in gallery spaces and underground clubs around Berlin for several years, on the fringes of the Echtzeit music scene.

In 2020 I began recording solo electronica again, under the name Structures Group.

Here are two recently released singles, which followed on from a pair of EPs which I put up on Bandcamp last year. In the coming days I’ll link to those releases in a separate topic, also with bc-codes.

STRUC4 | het9-h5br | q7nk-ersl | fldk-ushe | lsjt-jlp3 | ejb2-ka3s

STRUC3 | llyv-yaus | 4et8-77al | c7nt-5jue | cldy-7yau | esqz-jffp

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