Connectivity troubles (again) on Yosemite 10.10.3 with Max7

Hate to post something like this again, but after going to Max7 full version yesterday, I have the same problem again that I described on the old forum here: help please: grid trouble after going to yosemite

Bought Max7 yesterday, probably stupidly uninstalled my Max6 installation, ran the standard monome installer, and finally updated monome_SUM to v1.2.

Now, when opening monome_SUM, my 128 is sometimes detected as “monome 128”, sometimes as "monome i2c). Hitting connect does work, but then the result pushing buttons again is very erratic. Most of the time, nothing happens. If I hit a button often enough it would most likely trigger. In flin, sometimes only pushing more than 1 button in a column triggers something. I cannot get the route key to work at all. Switching apps in SUM only works by clicking on “advanced” in smallbatch, then “map” to map the route key, not change anything there, go out of “advanced” and then clicking on the new app to use in smallbatch. Sometimes (!) when I then push a button on the monome, SUM switches to the app I’ve selected before. Tried the same thing in M4L with elquinto’s latest ports of monome apps, and the behavior is erratically the same there.

Last time I had this type of problem, I thoroughly checked to not have multiple versions of serialosc on my HD. Also ran rasc’s serialosc uninstaller script. Downloaded the latest serialosc again. Probably also did a couple of other things that I cannot remember, and at some point it started working and has till yesterday… Have tried to do the same things again now to get everything working with Max7, but no success so far.

Sorry for the long rant. If anyone has any insights into what to try to get this working again, I am all ears.

I also have the i2c issue with my 4-stage varibright 64. Unplugging/reconnecting the device works, but sometimes only after several tries - eventually monome 64 displays instead of monome i2c, but it can sometimes take five or six cycles. Or occasionally it’ll work immediately… Not a huge deal, but it can be annoying. Yosemite and max7 here.

what edition grid are you using? can you confirm CPU activity when everything starts going wrong?

monome_sum, are you using the standalone or trying to run it inside max 7? max 7.03 has the correct serialosc.maxpat bundled and should work as is-- but monome_sum is intended to be run in standalone.

monome i2c issue-- this bug is finally getting addressed in the pending serialosc update. best suggestion until then is replug.

we’ve checked everything with yosemite (i’m using it) and things work well, so there must be some configuration issue-- but what is problematic is there’s so little to configure. we’ll recheck sum with the newest yosemite update (i’m on 10.10.2).

tehn, i’m using the latest aluminum 128. had been trying to use the standalone monome_sum (latest 1.2).
tried again this morning.

noticed that cpu utilization for monome_sum at startup right away went to about 70%. dropped to about 50% a few seconds later (this is on an iMac with 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7).
first had to replug twice because of i2c problem.
when i started pushing some buttons, i get the same type of behavior again. button presses don’t always trigger, smallbatch cannot be controlled using the grid, cpu goes up to sometimes above 70% now.

then i tried something else. when i launch sum, connect the grid, and then try to switch apps by clicking within smallbatch before pushing any grid buttons, that works perfectly (CPU still around 50%). once i start interacting with an app using the grid, sometimes button presses work for a period of time, most of the time they behave erratically and don’t trigger at all or only after multiple pushes. i can then also not switch to other apps using the mouse on smallbatch anymore (or with the grid). what does seem to work consistently is to click on the new app that i want to use in smallbatch (at which point i have to now deselect the previously used up because the both light up simultaneaously), click the “advanced” button, click on “map” without remapping the route key, and once i leave the map again, smallbatch switches to the new app. but even then, i am still left with the issue that buttons don’t trigger consistently.

all very strange. would love to hear ideas on what to try on my end to fix this. thanks!

That CPU usage does seem pretty high, though note it’s likely 70% out of 400% due to the way Activity Monitor reports usage across multiple cores.

Still though! perhaps your Audio Settings are set to a crazy tiny buffer size or a strange sample rate. Max deprioritizes javascript if the audio engine is working really hard, and smallbatch is all built in JS, so this could be a cause of dropped monome events.

This aside, I’m currently fixing a few things here and there in sum and will test it extensively on a (much older) mac with 10.10.3 this evening. I know it was working perfectly on 10.10.1.