@St0rMl0rD Still on the road… I’ll be back around a norns after Nov 29 :slight_smile: thought I really wish I had it because I just started day 1 of hotel isolation with Covid :frowning:

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heyheyhey @St0rMl0rD and all who may be interested, the main branch of constellations now has two sequencer modes

  • beat-sync: the “classic” experience
  • time-sync: new mode that allows for off the grid sequencing, notes will now be spaced by when a star was tagged.

Check it out under ‘sequencer’ in the parameters menu.

small disclaimer: any changes made have to wait for the current note to finish, so if you have 1 minute between notes and try to reset the sequence you will have to wait until the full note duration to elapse before any changes will take effect. This might occasionally make it seem like nothing is happening. I’m sure there will some bugs to workout…


Thanks so much, can’t wait to test it out over the holidays!

v0.9.2 update: minimum sequence length, crow output available with other outputs

We now have a minimum sequence length feature! This parameter determines how many notes need to be tagged for the sequencer to play. This allows you to preset a certain note sequence before it starts playing which is pretty nice. I’m getting excited about how much sequence sculpting control constellations has at this point!

I also broke out the crow output option as a separate param so you can add crow out to whatever output you want. I could do this with JF or midi too, I guess (if anyone wants it).

I generally retuned some defaults and refactored the code, so hopefully everything plays nice.


Added an ‘autopilot’ lfo for more a generative experiences. Toggle available under ‘crosshair’ in the parameter menu. Will add some more configurable options to it in the near future.


This is a nice wrinkle to add - good stuff!

However, I could only get 0.9.2 to work without an error: init by turning off the nbout mod, which had resulted in the following error message :

# script init
### SCRIPT ERROR: init
/home/we/dust/code/nbout/lib/mod.lua:70: attempt to compare nil with number
stack traceback:
	/home/we/norns/lua/core/norns.lua:146: in metamethod '__le'
	/home/we/dust/code/nbout/lib/mod.lua:70: in field 'connect'
	/home/we/dust/code/constellations/constellations.lua:56: in upvalue 'old_init'
	/home/we/dust/code/nbout/lib/mod.lua:87: in upvalue 'old_init'
	/home/we/dust/code/matrix/lib/mod.lua:14: in global 'init'
	/home/we/norns/lua/core/script.lua:133: in function 'core/script.init'
	[C]: in function 'xpcall'
	/home/we/norns/lua/core/norns.lua:147: in field 'try'
	/home/we/norns/lua/core/engine.lua:91: in function </home/we/norns/lua/core/engine.lua:89>

Edit: Constellations was working fine with nbout installed before the 0.9.2 update, by the way.

Interesting, I don’t entirely understand how the mod ecosystem hooks into normal scripts. So yeah I can’t imagine what was is happening here, but will check out the nb codebase soon and see if I can figure anything out.

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Should be fixed now! Update nbout. Thanks for the bug report.