Contact mic with Tascam portable PCM recorder

I’ve bought a stereo contact mic that terminates in a mini jack. The only way to connect it to the aux in is to use a Y splitter cable, put mini to full size jack adapters on the double end of the Y splitter and plug these into the recorder.
Has any one else done this and does it work?
Can the impedance problems be compensated for with the recorders volume and gain controls etc.
Advice welcome!

Not 100% sure, but I did try 2 JrF contact mics plugged into an old H4 that way - worked fine. I guess if you’ve got everything except the cable, then you’re not going to have to spend too much to find out…

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Correction actually - it was two mono 3.5mm with 3.5 - 1/4 inch adapters, straight into the jack inputs.


That sounds encouraging thanks. Just waiting for delivery of contact mics from USA to UK now :smiley:

have had success connecting a cheap piezo directly to mic in, no power of any kind. as long as you can get the signal to the preamps, it will be fine. re impedance, i think it results in a different frequency response, not just gain loss. one way to find out, i guess ;]

Yippee! Stereo contact mics arrived today from Crank Sturgeon and I’m happy to say my Heath Robinson wiring and plugging arrangement works a treat.
Since it’s jack plugged in via the same inputs as full size external mics it gives full access to volume and pre amp too.
Thanks for the comments and I hope this is useful to anyone else using a Tascam DR-40 linear PCM recorder.