Continent issue 5.3 about sound(s) and listening exp

(i’m not involved whatsoever)

here is a link to continent issue 5.3. it’s about sound and listening experience (as far as i know) :

the intro from the editors :

The sounds of our worlds are continuously undergoing upgrades, modulations, degradations. The environments that program our sensory bodies are forever changing, and for sound, listening, the aural, for both noise and bruit, we name this shifting ground “Acoustic Infrastructure”. Included here are attentional collaborations with a set of authors and artists, art and technology center Eyebeam in NYC, and now you, dear reader. Let’s listen.

there are papers by Adam Basanta, Jacob Gaboury, Brian House, Yujin Jung, Shannon Mattern, Jan Phillip Müller, Julie Beth Napolin, Byron Peters, dave phillips, Gail Priest, Marina Rosenfeld, Morten Søndergaard, Sean Smith, Meira Asher.
Richard Chartier provides a variation of ‘Interior Field’.

so far i’ve been very interested by words/thoughts around feedback, room acoustic properties cancellation… i’ll certainly read more.