Control Data - Life's Cycles

I’ve just released “life’s cycles” - an EP of ambient/modern classical pieces.

I never liked the saxophone as a kid. I think it had a bad image in the 80’s and 90’s of slicked back hair and pointing it to the sky for unnecessary solos and I dismissed it without giving it any time, but as I’ve gotten older and found it being used in more interesting ways I’ve come to really like the tone. I became a bit obsessed recently with intertwined melodies of the saxophone samples from mx.samples played through the spirals generative sequencer on the norns at slow speeds and so decided to record a few tracks.

For each track I would leave it running throughout the day while working and occasionally change parameters until finding something I liked or that fitted my mood. Then at the end of the day I would record a track in one take switching in and out layers as it played. Some effects were added in ableton (mostly eq) and some minor editing to a couple of the tracks so that they came together for an ending.

I hope you enjoy it.


Hi Tom!

I absolutely love the tones of the lush saxophones, it’s so soothing and beautiful.
Had to add this to my library!
I was looking at the images you included in the download while listening, it felt genuinely surreal and calming.
Much love to what you’ve made.

  • you could only see eyes

Really enjoyed this, simple but satisfying. The unfolding melodies reminded me a bit of Phillip Glass. Thanks! It was a relaxing listen.


@youcould @dianus thank you for having a listen and for your kind words. I was working on some more upbeat stuff but sometimes music just takes it’s own direction :slight_smile:

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hah, my mom used to work for Control Data.


Really lovely and relaxing to listen to! I could do with a little more structure, perhaps, but I did enjoy the listen.

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these saxophone melodies are amazing. the album as a whole is really complete to me. its all very even and steady, but every song seems to build when listened in succession. i love the last track the most. lots of spurious harmonies from the intertwining melodies - really magical.

so glad you got some use out of mx.samples :slight_smile:

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really enjoyed this, nice morning in the sunny driveway sawing wood.