Control Forge

Oh boy.

It is available now.

That snuck up on me.

To hell with GAS abstention!!!1!1

I told myself I don’t actually need this–honestly struck it from my short list–but now…I dunno…it’s there…shiny object…Emu…


It could be in my house tomorrow.

Wut do?

Whimsy aside, let this be the thread to discuss this module.

Teletype users: how do you reckon this might overlap and/or integrate? For that matter, let’s speculate wildly on how this will fit in to the Monome/Mannequins galaxy.


Preordered one. Really excited for it. Chaining, conditions, sequencing, wavetables oh my!

I just skimmed the manual:

Pretty deep!

For anyone who hasn’t, do have a look at the manual. It’s outstanding. Beautifully written, illustrated, and organized, with lots of tips and shortcuts.

Section 21 is worth it alone for transition shapes illustrations.

The idea of being able to create eight segment functions and then sequence them is pretty spectacular.

EDIT: Wow. I’m seeing some juicy stuff in here, if I’m understanding it all, especially regarding CV delay abilities, complex envelopes starting with a delay segment, some really cool S&H capabilities with real time on or off quantization, and other related stuff. Not totally sure if you can create an ASR with this, but I think so.

I was all set to pick up a Verbos Random Sampling module, which I tried and really, really liked, but I wonder if this will do most of that.

Not by me, but:


How do you page people?

Myles! Get in here!

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Start with an @ followed by their name, like this @Myles_Avery

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HERE I AM! Huzzah. Thank you. These demos are FAAAANTASTIC!

Edit…jeebus a 70 page manual. That’s intense.

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I have a Rossum Electro Control Forge (latest Firmware) I’m trying to get to grips with. Does anyone here have one and can share valuable knowledge? The internet doesn’t have too much in terms of demos outside of what is available on the website.

I’m interested in sequencing mainly and creating random stuff but also any interesting ideas for driving my Akemie’s Castle.

I’d also be interested in swapping presets if there was such a way of saving these in a .wav file.


Giving the CF a test run this week and would like to hear how people are syncing other sequencers with it. Just for sake of not boiling the ocean I am focusing this week on how to use it in creating melodies with house beat. Thanks!