Control - Open MIDI controller platform for 128 grids

thanks for sharing @pesky_human!
looks like a nice setup.


All good. Hope it is helpful. With 12 other pages I am going to come up with a bunch of other interesting tailor made solutions. I think effects are going to be especially interesting, as well as working with more complex synths like Serum…

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wow, you certainly have big plans.
i guess i’ll start digging into control with bitwig over the weekend.

With a 256, there would be literally no limitations for someone doing what I am doing. I am trying to see what is more limiting, 12 wide or 8 high, depending on the arrange/clip or mix/clip view. It seems at this point the the limit is more reasonable on instruments as opposed to clips per instrument. We shall see. With a 256, it’s open season for doing what I want to do, but can’t pop for one right now…

Hit me up if you would any assistance setting things up. The possibilities are awesome. We getting it.

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Quick question Ithkaa -

I am not being successful mapping momentary buttons above controller 119 on the bottom row, when it starts sending ‘all sound off’, etc to the right. I have a couple of empty columns that have usable controller numbers that I could reroute in order to keep my page in tact. Is there a way for me to go in and route, for instance, the empty controller buttons in column 2 to fill in my dead spots on the bottom row? Thanks

If you’re working from the max patch it would be possible, but you’re going to have a hard time locating the button abstraction you created on the bottom row (they’re stacked one on top of the other in the max patch). You can’t use CCs above 119 in Bitwig to map controls to? Only CC I know would be problematic is 123, in Ableton Live this seems to be blocked out. Other option would be to change the layout of your interface so the buttons are on spots that work for you, CC-wise …

Gotcha. Thanks for the response! I am realizing at this point that with the number of clips I am actually going to be using in a single song, I can pare down the launch grid quite a bit, so that is what I will likely do for the time being. I will have to dig into Bitwig and see why is isn’t responding to the upper end of the CC spectrum. It is clearly accepting the mapping (e.g. when I hit a button to map and then hit a momentary switch on the Monome, it registers the controller number) but it just is not responding to the actual control once back in performance mode. If I figure it out I will report back.

Praying for a 64 button version. I’m sick of using Pages, and need something stable and smooth like control. Has anyone attempted a 64 version? The shift menu would probably have to drastically change, and so would notes.

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Can you share what you are using your Midifighter for?

Of course. Primarily, I use it as a main control interface with my VST synths and effects. For instance, page 1 is currently handling filter cutoff, resonance, mod, decay, accent, wave form selection (on a knob push encoder), high pass filter, and volume for a VST synth across the top two rows. Third row is a push toggle for a distortion VST on/off / input gain on the knob, then drive, filter, and volume for the distortion. Fourth row are the three controls for Sausage Fattener, fatness / color / gain, with the fatness push encoder assigned to turning the effect on/off.

I have been using Replika XT and Trueverb quite a bit and to now have had those controls assigned to Monome Control faders, but as I am getting more into doing more Monome-centric music, I will be assigning them to pages on the Twister. It’s a really handy device!


As a monomite, I’ve looked with occasional curiosity at the Midifighter; its knobby cousin seems much more useful indeed. Thanks for the very detailed answer!

I’m stealing this. We are all monomites.

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No need to steal, it is a gift, freely given. Embrace the joy of Monomism.


My phone’s autocorrect is pretty sure we’re all talking about monomers: a molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer.


They’re making a 64 grid arcade button MF. There is a sign up list. I am super interested in it. The Monome is great at what it does, but playing individual notes on it is not ideal.

Yeah the Twister is one of my favorite pieces of gear I have owned over the past 20+ years. The easy customization to whatever you want on the fly is really great, and I am just doing really basic stuff with it. If you get a chance to watch the videos from the manufacturer, you can do some really insane things with it as far as sequencing / DJing (so to speak) with Ableton and especially Traktor. Definitely worth a look.

Impressive, thank you so much for your time & effort !!!

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Is it possible to map different sets of keys to different instruments in the standalone?
If I create keys they obviously send midi to all midi instruments in Live.

You could spread out several keyboards over different pages … changing the page changes the channel.

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