Control - Open MIDI controller platform for 128 grids

A huge thank you for creating this!!!

@ithkaa would it be possible to dictate the midi CC and midid channel per control created? for example: page one creating 8 faders each with a different midi CC and chanel. page two, 8 toggles with the same midi CC but different midi channels.

I as because this would be an amazing way to control say an Octatrack which has predefined Midi CC’s and Midi channels.


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@Quasi unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment. I’d need to redo the scripting bit almost completely for that. Will think about it for the future …

new version in top post … different setup and some bugfixes

@jasper_ryder @raws I added a ‘M4L bridge’. I don’t know about @elquinto’s M4L suite but autofocus seems to be working ok. Could you give this a try? open control.maxpat, drop the control_m4l_soscbridge device on any track, select your grid in serialosc and you should be good to go.


I’ll give it a wuuurl this afternoon!

Just playing around with the ‘notes’ with toggle patch. The toggled buttons do not stay lit when I leave and come back to the channel. When I ported ‘grid128’ over it had the same issue. This bit of code had something to do with solving that issue:…………could this be added?

how about this :

Notes.amxd (183.9 KB)

Yes that is it! Thanks, again. :grinning:

I tried the new control m4l bridge and I connected just fine. That’s as far as I am with that at the moment. That is amazing because it essentially fixed the problem of operating max patches at the same time as m4l patches…well I guess it didn’t exactly fix it but it is a new workflow that wasn’t available till now I think?

Could that then be done with different ‘max only’ patches simultaniously then, theoretically?

Sure … I just used udpsend and receive to communicate between serialosc (in the m4l bridge) and the main patch.

So without reading the info page again and just mashing around setting up control I got a couple things making noise and fading. I did manage to break something quickly. :grin:

I’ll look into that …

edit : found the problem. it’s in the ‘random’ subpatch of keyboard.maxpat. Random is not available for the keyboard so the error doesn’t break the app. I’ll fix it for the next version which will also have automation options built in.

How did you learn max/msp? Was it on your own or did you have a teacher? Was it just studying online tutorials? Do you know all sorts of programming languages?

@jasper_ryder I learnt max mostly by opening and analyzing patches other people created, opening help files on objects I didn’t know, etc. Did some tutorials (these are great f.i.) and lots of browsing on the cycling74 forum. Max is the only thing I use for programming. No in-depth knowledge about other environments but I know how to help myself if I need to.

I would like to emphasize that I’m not a programmer. I’m a musician with just about enough knowledge on Max to use it for my own musical practice. Most of the time my patches are rather messy and disorganized but they get the job done and ultimately, that’s what I’m after. After learning something new I tend to revisit older patches and optimize them. This is also a big part of my learning process.

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That’s great man. Inspiring to someone who would like to understand max better. Really putting in the time and having patience/sticking with it is one of the biggest obstacles right now.

To bad I have to sleep!

yeah … patience and perseverance is the key :wink:

Hi @ithkaa thanks for these, tremendously useful!

I’m wondering how difficult it would be to change the Notes.amxd so that each row is a user-selectable musical interval offset from the one below (i.e. a note is a fourth above the note below it on the grid, in the style of stretta’s fourths/mabalhabla app)? I find this makes a big difference in musical playability of the ‘keyboard’. Thank you thank you.

@ithkaa thanks for this. Its exactly what ive been . Ive been successfully using it along side of 128grid, elquinto’s shit, Terms, and your shit, with a few hiccups. At some point something happens and my grid looses LED activity on the first half of the grid. Press data is still there, as well as autofocus from device to device.

Will spend the rest of this morning building layouts and testing to see which is causing this issue.

thank you again. i really like how i can control the layout construction from my monome. getting sick of controlling things w blind MIDI maps or worse, with the computer.

thanks @raws. The LED fall-out is probably caused by to much simultaneous fader activity. Can you check this out? The fader’s animation is really smooth but outputs a lot of data and I think the grid can’t handle it. I really wanted this kind of animation in order to have more control over the fader’s output (8 steps vs 128 - especially handy in manual mode). Lowering fader speed in ‘control’ will probably solve this problem …

@objectgroup thanks! yeah this is possible. I’ll take a look at it when I have some spare time (got some nasty deadlines for christmas ;-))

Cool i can try that but what you suggest is going to make my request sound like i wasnt listening to the suggestion in the first place.

Can we make the max fader speed faster? I wanna snap some of the up sometimes… quickly. Really not a big deal. totally DIGGING it

ok … I’ll edit the fader abstraction for the next version. stay tuned :wink: