Controllable pulse width modulation

Hello everyone; i was pointed here as this place is supposedly less about gear and more about what you can do with it.

Lets say i have a Klee sequencer (3U eurorack version)
I want to be able to decide & control the gate lenght of each note in a way that’s transparent and easy to use live. Ideally each of the 16 steps on klee would have its own gate lenght.

I know of the rotating clock divider trick where you use half of the klee to control the length of the other half. But i kind of want the 16 step godness.

I’m both thinking about how to do it as well as what modules can do it. I know i can delay the triggers but using this approach i’d need tons of delays + matrix… looking for something more elegant.

Please help, im obviously missing something very simple here T_T

Maybe use a second sequencer that does have CV adjustable gate width and use its own CV output to control the gate width. Clock it with the same clock as the Klee,

Your problem is that not many sequencers in Eurorack work to 16 steps without skipping displays. the klee is fairly unique that it has all 16 on the front panel. I do something similar with 2x Pressure points, but have to have 16x pitch and 8x gate length, as a maximum, so gate length repeats per pitch sequence.

You need a pulsewave oscillator connected to an envelope generator with the width of the pulse creating the gate length for the each step. this osc would be synced to the klee clock.

you could mult the output form the Klee into the PWM control of the pulse osc and that would give you longer gates when notes were higher… but not definable.

if you put a S/H before the PWM and then clocked with a division of the klee clock, that would give you groups of notes all different lengths.

klee output (attenuated) into a precision adder ( like disting) could give you varying clock lengths but the ability to offset using the adder to bring everything up or down, but the klee would prevent it sounding too static.

You need something with 16 steps as a voltage source, if you want to do per note easily.
4x Pressure points & Brains
4x Tirana
1x Korg SQ1

otherwise you’ll have to get creative.

@hamildad Thank you.

What would happen if i interconnect 2 Klees into each other? Using 1st out to control 2nd Klee gate length and using 2nd Klee out to control 1st. Is that possible ? How to connect it ?

Does the Klee have adjustable gate length? It’s a long time since I have used one.

@hamildad makes some great suggestions.

For simplicity in a live setting I would be inclined to go for a second sequencer. I don’t really keep up with Eurorack but the Malekko Varigate 8 seems to offer 16 steps of easily adjustable gate length.

@sandy it does not, but there is a trick where you use half of it via clock divider opening envelope to get a split (klee has 2 8 step parts) so half of the slider is used for pitch and the other half is used for gate length. Now if i have 2 klees and use this technique i think id end up with a set up that one klee woud control another’s gate length and its own pitch, which would be very strange corelation.

And yeah, varigate 8 works ideally. I was thinking about verbos multistage but it only has 8 steps.