Controlling Buchla with Monome

I don’t have the converter yet but as a demo I did try a 2 channel version using a CVGT1 for 1 channel and a Disting Mk3 (Buchla/euro algorithm) mounted in a lunchbox for another channel with an external Low-Gain converter box. The Ansible is mounted in my eurorack isms case.

This is ansible Kria

This is ansible earthsea


Oh wow, this souonds amazing! So jealous of this set-up.

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So how might I use Norns with my buchla? Very interested in this but have no idea how workflow might work. New to all this conversion conversion

you can use the midi out to a 225e module. Or add a Crow module and send the CV outputs via a low gain converter box. You would need to mod the Norns scripts for 1.2v/oct.


Ahhh very cool. Correct me if I’m wrong on this (as I have a buchla on order and norns) I can send midi out of Norns to the Music Easel Midi In.

And then use something like this…

And send midi into my Norns. The hope is to create a very tight system for the easel. One that uses the easel as a baseline and Norns as a super brain.

That device is a CV to midi. I am assuming you will be using Midi out to Midi in direct from Norns to Easel.
But it depends which Easel you have.
I have some questions, as it’s not clear what you are wanting to achieve.
Which Easel 208 are you buying?
Is it an Easel command with built in midi or a 208c?
What type midi input connection does it have?

  • MIDI input(USB B/DIN) is standard on Easel Command, optional on 208C.
  • MIDI A (USB Host) optional expansion port.

Is the Easel a midi device or a midi host?
Norns is a midi Host and that affects which midi cable/device you need. You may need a host to host converter box.

I would ask Buchla specifically which midi interface they are using in those demo videos of the 208c as they don’t say.

What do you want to use the Norns to do?
I’m assuming you want to use the Norns sequencers midi out to play the 208 midi in on the new soon to be released Easel Command with built in midi which is basically plug and play?

Watch this and you will see why you need more info about your midi setup. Just be aware that Norns is a midi host.

Regarding the 208c the following can be controlled via midi :

Pitch control over the oscillators, both independently and unison.
Individual triggering of SVS, EG, Pulse, Random
CC control over the mod depth and timbre sliders
Aftertouch will translate to the purple “pressure” jacks.
CC assigned to the From card banana.
CC control of portamento rate.

If it is a midi Host to Host, check this and this 2host - a DIY USBMIDI host-to-host adapter

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Reviving this thread! How have folks been liking their various workarounds?