Controlling (lowering) grid brightness

Looking through the archives, I can’t seem to find a way to universally lower the grid’s LED brightness level. I’m having difficulty working with it for any extended period at the default level, and am hoping there is a method via norns, or other?


In the grid-howto patcher I have in Max, my Grayscale 64 (not varibright) responds to the osc message “/monome/grid/led/intensity $1” where $1 is a value between 0 and 15. My grid doesn’t remember the value so I have to send it every time I plug it in. I’d be happy to PM you a patch where you can set it in Max if you’re working on a laptop. Not too fluent with Norns so I’m not sure how you do it there.

for no particular reason, we have not exposed the intensity setting on norns.

it is very simple to add; opened GH issue.

with that, if you wanted to universally lower the intensity of all grids, the simplest way would be to hack the system-wide grid connection callback, e.g. here.


Sorry for the slightly off track question, but could controlling the overall brightness also work for arc with norns?

i have never really used an arc but my understanding is: no.

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Thanks @wheelersounds and @zebra. Having control within norns of the grid brightness (I’m using grid exclusively connected to norns) would be amazing.

I might be alone on the desire to lower the grid’s brightness…I’m sure its handy when working outdoors or in bright rooms, but here in the studio it is like staring at the surface of the sun!


Oh I totally agree, during daylight hours it’s fine but when I’m on stage and/or the lights are low it can be pretty blinding!

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I was thinking it may be useful if the grid’s brightness level could be adjusted per-script, maybe in settings. It would be helpful if this could be globally reset too. Another useful aspect I imagined was the ability to switch between two modes: control grid brightness “globally” or “individually”.

Necro, and almot-off-topic, but 20 characters of “rotation” as well…

EDIT: To clarify, I mean specifically that it would be great if more scripts would expose it…