Convert live audio to MIDI?

I’m currently working on a sound installation that will require converting a live audio signal to midi data, similar to the way the ableton audio>midi converter works when processing melody, except on the fly and with as little latency as possible. anyone had any experience with this? are there any plugins or max patches currently in existence that can perform such a task? if not, any tips on possible means for development? I thought I’d pose this to the community as I’m sure there are a few folks here in the know and many who would find such a tool to be useful. Thanks in advance!

Doing this non-monophonically can get a bit crazy.

Doing this with monophonic audio is much more tractable.


can you share more about the specifics of the audio you’ll be converting and what kinds of midi signals you’ll hope to get out of it?

edit: also - how will you be capturing the audio? is it a direct input, or microphone? if a mic, what kind of environment will it be in? how much bleed, etc, are you expecting?


@jasonw22 @madeofoak we’ll be taking a live mic feed from the outdoors/park/forest with the aim of capturing bird song/other nature sounds and converting it to piano performance. we’re intending on building a mechanism which receives midi note values and controls the piano mallets on an upright piano. I expect the process will be made easier for us as we’re not needing to capture precise notes from a musical instrument, and in this case bleed from the surroundings is a good thing. I’m fairly confident those links will do the job perfectly with some tweaking of noise gates and scale limiting to ensure it’s not too chromatic. I’ll report back once i’ve tested this out with a piano vst. thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


what happened have you completed it