Conway Suite

Conway Suite is a collection of monome controllable Max/MSP and M4L patches that function as sequencers, synthesizers and games, inspired by the work of mathematician John Conway.

The first one, CoMGoL, is based on his famous Game of Life. Trigger the game with a random seed or input your own manually on the monome Grid and observe/listen. The second one, CoMSol, is based on a less explored game by Conway called Soldiers. The way I implemented it makes it stand somewhere between peg solitaire and “capture the flag” types of games. This one uses both Arc and Grid. Both need Max 8 because they are realized with MC.

Any feedback is welcome! Would you want to have them available for download? Let me know, I’m in the process of setting up Patreon and Github accounts.

PS: Conway Suite will be presented at Atelier du Forum Ircam and at Expo '74. I would love to meet monome users and discuss in person, hope to see some of you there.


looks great! i’ll be at the expo74, would be great to chat.

do you have any non-facebook links for the project?

Hi Brian, thank you for your comment! I’d love to chat as well at Expo '74. Sorry for the facebook links, it was the fastest thing to do at the moment, I’ll soon upload the videos on my website and write more detailed explanations about the apps.

When will the Atelier du Forum Ircam be? I assume it’s in Paris?

It’s in Paris on March 27-29. You can find out more here:

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Arrr, too bad I won’t be there at that time. Would have loved to come + it’s always nice to go at IRCAM such a special place.

…I’d be interested to download these…:slight_smile:

Exactly one week before its demo at Expo '74 and after lots of refinements and beta testing, Conway Suite is finally available for download!

Max 8 and Ableton Live 10 are required. Instructions included in the patches.

Find Conway Suite here:

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