Cool Maritime live on KCHUNG right now

I’m listening to @shellfritsch play a Cool Maritime set on KCHUNG right now and it’s blowing my mind. What is this sorcery? That which is doing the note generation. Teletype?


Is this acid house cool maritime?

I tuned in too just now and it’s a pretty sweet dance party. :tada:


Ha. His set was over by 8:20 EST.


I think I posted this a minute or two before it ended

More mind blowingness. Looks like we’re talking OP-Z, Atlantis + TSNM and like a Korg Volca thingie for sequencing. And BAM, of course. Like a backpack sized setup that is many dimensions more dimensional than the dimensions presented in 3D


This setup looks cool. How would the volca do sequencing for the modular? Maybe also the OP-Z could do sequencing with that op-lab expander?

Actually, I don’t think I mean Volca. SQ-1 is what I figured it is. But I’m not really familiar with it.

I do remember hearing that the OP-Z will have CV capabilities, eventually. But until then, maybe MIDI to CV? Dunno. But it’s nicely done with whatever gear was used.

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sorry i didn’t do a good job of promoting this ahead of time :stuck_out_tongue:

but there is an archive posted now:

my set is the first 28 mins and then there’s some dj dance party styles after.

my instruments:
volca fm
lil music easel inspired analog jammer (atlantis + ufold + diy 5-step seq + tsnm)

having a lot of fun experimenting with this setup! the op-z is my sequencing brain. plugged it into the op-lab to route midi to the volca fm + cv/gate to the atlantis. manually re-patching to the TSNM for hands on playing at times. looking forward to continuing my explorations. the Z is deeeeep

thanks for all the kind words @fourhexagons


Oh, you bet, Sean. Love it. Thanks for posting the archive.

And wow! I had no idea the OP-Z was so deep. I checked it out for like an hour total, didn’t get it, and moved on. Good to know, good to know. Maybe I’ll come back around to it someday.

If I may ask, the marimbas are from the OP-Z?

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Volca FM is such a great little synth. I use mine live too to compliment my modular with pads.

Really exited to get my OP-Z and make my live rig even smaller. Right now I’m using a Rytm MK2 for drums. Sounds fantastic, but replacing it with Z is the dream.

yeah, marimba sample laid out chromatically on one of the op-z drum tracks.

mmm hmmm. like a DX7 for the backpack - but with more hands on controls :slight_smile:

Oh, of course! Wow. When I saw the OP-Z, I had naively assumed that drum tracks were only for non-pitched instruments. I didn’t like what seemed to be a rather closed voice architecture, but this shift of perspective actually makes a huge difference in opening up flexibility.

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i know what you mean. at first glance i thought having a locked voice architecture would be limiting - but you know what they say about limitations :wink:

i like that the Z drum tracks use the same sample format as the op-1. if you have existing “drum” kits made for the op-1 you can just drop them on the Z and they are ready to go.

in my current setup i have the first two drum tracks turned all the way down, since they are set to sequence the volca fm and modular.

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And even better that some of those ‘extra’ drum tracks can be used for external MIDI. Looks like I might give the Zed another chance later this year. Thanks again for the reveal on all of this :star2:

Wishing you all well on the Tides tour. Wish I were around to catch some of it ~

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gorgeous set, very inspiring


thank you very much!
that was my first time playing this setup live. looking forward to expanding it.


Lovely indeed! I’ve listened to this twice now (had to give it another listen after seeing the setup description) and enjoyed it both times. Thanks so much for posting a link to the recorded set!

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That was great! Lovely rhythms and crisp sound design.
(…and it definitely piques my curiosity for the OP-Z)

As a side note, it warms my heart to see the word KCHUNG on lines.
I had a weekly show on the station from 2011 to 2015 and I look back on those times with fondness.

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Love love love this set. Sending thanks and best vibes from London. :ringer_planet:

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