Cool Maritime perf (feb 28th) LA

Free show tomorrow night at BETALEVEL

Curved Light / Electric Sound Bath / Dang Olsen Dream Tape / Cool Maritime
Tuesday, February 28, 8PM


get some video!

marginally related historical fact: first public demo of the grid prototype happened at betalevel, then called c-level (a precursor to machineproject), in 2003 at a meeting of the LA hackers club. i quickly learned the best way to explain the grid is not by talking about how the circuit works, ie, ghosting in a key matrix.


oh rad! thanks for sharing that. i didn’t know much about the space and am happy to have more perspective on it’s history :slight_smile:

video, yes!

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nice! :slightly_smiling_face:
what time you on?

I think I’ll play first - so maybe 8:30?

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cool, we’ll see you there :slightly_smiling_face:

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thx, you sound great!

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thanks for coming out!

i had a great time - amazing audience & a really wonderful space. video soon…


just a brief moment, more soon. i guess insty converts your audio to mono so all my cool arc / cold mac / 3 sisters spectral panning is lost, bah…


I’m disappointed I only discovered this thread just now. I would have loved to see the show!

oooh dang! sorry i missed ya. i’m sure there will be more :slight_smile:

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thx @shellfritsch, it appears that your show inspired laura’s blog… :slight_smile: