Cool Maritime: Sharing Waves - Full Album Now Streaming


Great video + great music + great project = great morning!!!



what’s in the case? i see 3S, JF, CM, disting, ansible…


Pre/ordered. Looking forward to hear to whole album!


Can’t put into words how much I am enjoying this track. Non stop since yesterday. Thank you.



some wonderful musicians made remixes of my songs from sharing waves and there will be a special lil tape out on june 1st.

the first one is by my favorite human, kaitlyn aurelia smith:

have a listen :slight_smile:


This is amazing…+20 amazings



today marks the official worldwide release of Sharing Waves
all tracks are available to stream and download on bandcamp, as well as those other popular music spots. i think a few LPs are left as well…


Shared Waves, featuring remixes by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Dntel, Carlos Niño, Matthewdavid, and Tomutonttu
available on cassette, download & streaming

i’m so happy to be sharing this new music with lines - you all are such a lovely and inspiring community!
very special gratitude to @tehn, @kelli_cain and @Galapagoose for their heavily featured & endlessly enchanting musical instruments.


Damn, I played this during my morning run today and it was a really intense, good experience. Thank you! First thought I had was that Engage could last forever, that is just so beautiful. And then somehow Forest Bathing kind of extended that. Really good stuff! Been listening a lot to Climbing Up since that one came out. Congratulations! I better get myself the vinyl.


You were great at National Sawdust! Just picked up the album. Nice work on this one!



Also wonderful to see it on leaving.


This album is like a warm woolen blanket on this cold and gray day in Sydney.

Might I ask how you did the reverb on Engage? Sounds like there might be multiple layers of it?


one of my all time faves :slight_smile: it plays every day in my home

thank you forever!!


Bought one of the LPs! The beauty of the screen printing rivals the beauty of the music. :heart:️ It’s gonna be hanging on my turntable for a while. :blush:


Lovely album, I’m really enjoying it :—)
Also, the cover and video reminds me of my favourite scene from one of my favourite movies, THE VOLUME in Funky Forest – The First Contact:


ahhh funky forest!! wow thanks for reminding me about that movie :slight_smile: my film buddies and i were obsessed with that when it came out.

and thanks for the kind words, too!


I had this album on at work the other day and my friend/part-time coworker, whose main gig is as a firefighter, asked what it was. I told him, and he said “this is great! I’m going to put this on at work when I need to get everyone to chill out and be nice to each other!”

I think that qualifies as a :100: review!


At a friend’s house for dinner last night, I asked them to put Cool Maritime into Pandora… much enjoyment!


@shellfritsch - My wife and I listened to Sharing Waves as we drove out of the Grand Canyon park area last month, in dense forests filled with fog. Perfect. I think it even (partially) got rid of my wife’s migraine :slight_smile:


Yeah I just got a second hand copy of this album on vinyl…it’s excellent! Thanks so much!


have been thinking a lot about what makes this album ‘special’ to me in the time since it was released. been listening almost daily. thought to share. stimulate discussion 'r sumfin.

Sharing Waves grips novel moments and capitalizes on them, seizing upon patterns blooming from arcane algorithmic processes and drawing the gesture outward, beyond the algorithm’s established reach. the affective carry-over is a compositional confidence and presence generative music sometimes lacks. i’m grateful for this record because it actively displays the kind of creative decision-making that drives me toward modular while operating within a textural aesthetic (can we call it “rings into clouds UNABRIDGED”?) both fresh and familiar.

Thank you thank you thank you <3