Cool Maritime: Sharing Waves - Full Album Now Streaming


hey! thanks so much for sharing the kind words and stimulating thoughts :slight_smile:


I really love your music… And Kaitlyn’s as well…

I don’t know if it makes any sense but I feel some kind of Pacific Northwest nature spirit vibes in both of your music, in a way that seems a bit like a family resemblance. Not that you’re not both individuals, but that you live in the same “tipi” and the vibe is unavoidably interwoven, in a beautiful tribal kind of way…

I have aspirations in that general direction for my own music, so it was a lovely surprise to discover that you were a regular on lines…

Btw, I met you briefly at Berklee when you two visited a while ago. I was the older guy sitting in front asking questions… the event was in the modular lab before the show later that night… which I missed because I have a bit of a challenge driving at night… argh…


I was at the show but not the modular lab, so in some spiritual way our experiences might add up to a full one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Someday we should hang!


I just discovered this album today and already like it a lot: very dense, organic and calming. @shellfritsch If you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear if this is all Eurorack? If so, this is one of the most Buchla-esque Eurorack albums I know.


Is any shop holding physical copies of this? Or is there any talk of a repress? It’s a great record and 250 copies is unfortunate :confused:


thanks so much :slight_smile:
synths i used include: eurorack, op-1, volca fm, cs60, jupiter-8

i know what you mean about the buchla vibes. i’m very inspired by the sounds of those instruments. we have a music easel but it somehow didn’t make it onto this album.

@hawksquill there is a re-press coming…


ahhh good to hear that! :grinning:


Thanks, that’s interesting. I think it’s both: sounds and sequencing. Anyway, you did very well without the music easel. :wink: