Copenhagen, Any suggestions?

To replicate: New York, any suggestions?

I’m in Copenhagen for a few days meeting up with family. Anything cool i should check out? Bonus points for family friendly + music related :grinning:


Some top-level thoughts:

If you can identify a credible historical walking tour, that could be really worthwhile. The boat based canal tours can be a pleasant alternative.

Touring Rosenborg Castle is worthwhile.

At least one luncheon of smorrebrød is obligatory (unless you’re vegan, I suppose). I loved Øl e Brød best, but it seems to have not survived the pandemic; Orangeriet is very good. There are many more options. Danish pastry is also distinctive well worth exploring.

If you’re at all interested in design, then Illums Bolighus is worth a visit.

Good excursions:

  • viking museum in Roskilde
  • Kronborg Castle in Helsingør
  • Louisiana Art Museum in Humlebaek

In any case, be prepared to spend a lot of time on your feet! The new metro loop has made getting around much easier. Bicycling is also an option.


every friday night at 9pm i think there is a free magic show at the steel house hostel right in the middle of the city. check the steel house online calendar to be sure its on any given week, but the performer’s name is Augusto…

its a family friendly show, about 45 minutes long. Augusto is one of the best card mechanics i have seen live. his set in basically one version after another of the classic ACAN, which is the holy grail in magic. ACAN stands for “any card at any number,” meaning someone names a card at random, another person names a number at random and without any apparent manipulation or setup an untouched deck is shown to have the chosen card at the chosen location… another spectator takes cards from the top of the deck and finds the exact card waiting at the exact spot. of course this is an impossible achievement, but magicians work as hard as they can to come as close as they can to this effect.

the crazy thing about Augusto’s set is that he stacks these effects one after another after another. its truly astounding, i’ve seen these tricks before, but never all in a row. his performance is subtly perfect, he has a very relaxed demeanor but in the end he’s guiding each moment completely. its a live show not to be missed if you have the chance!!! you don’t see magic like that in this part of the world very often.


Christiania :slight_smile:

Especially great if weather is good - so wedensday might be a good day. Hint: don’t just go to “pusherstreet” - but explore the more remote areas around the lake for example.

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Cool, we’re actually headed to Helsingor tomorrow with my Wife’s uncle and I think Kronborg castle is one of the places he is taking us :grinning:

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If you’re into board games, Bastard Cafe is where it’s at!

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Make sure to take a walk down the canal in Nyhavn, and avoid buying an Aperol Spritz.

There’s also a nice food hall called TorvehallerneKBH that is easy to navigate and has many delicious things that will prevent you from consuming expensive delicious things in restaurants.

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Had a really nice dinner here once;

I’ve always enjoyed lunch and a beer at cafe norden too

Avoid the tourist queue at the statue of the Little Mermaid and visit the Genetically Modified Little Mermaid instead. Also, on this website you can find an overview of mostly electronic music related events. Tomorrow (tuesday) evening there will be a set by Phoebé Guillemot (aka RAMZi) at bird cocktailbar which could be interesting!

We just moved to Copenhagen two weeks ago, so I’m also still exploring :slight_smile:

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The sound that defines Copenhagen would be the bells in Rådhuspladsen at the top of every hour. I recently left after 15 years and just the thought of the tune fills me with warm nostalgia.

My weirdest recommendation would be these small concrete domes for bicycle parking in front of the new Faculty of Humanities right by Islands Brygge Metro. The reverb in them is extreme, not like “hey, cool reverb”, more like “how the hell did they do this?!”. If you have kids that like going “whooo” in tunnels, they’ll love it. I made a recording of it a few years ago but I’ve lost it I think. It’s here: Karen Blixens Plads. Islands Brygge is a cool area, too, the area between the metro station and the waterfront. You’ll find some good cafes and a combination of classic Copenhagen and new architecture. It’s a few minutes by Metro from the centre.

A bit harder to get to is Brønshøj Vandtårn, an old water tower that has sound art exhibitions. There’s also Grundtvigskirken in the Nordvest area if you want to hear what an RT60 of 12 seconds sounds like. Looks like they have organ music Wednesdays at noon.


I’m on my phone, so you will have to Google this, but I would suggest:

  • Grundtvigskirken, beautiful brick church
  • Cisternerne, underground water reservoir turned art space. Must see.
  • Botanical Gardens
  • David’s Collection, incredible Islamic art
  • Rosenborg Castle, absurd richess of former monarchs
  • Louisiana art museum
  • Holmen naval base, to climb the old wooden mast crane and maybe visit a submarine
  • The city hall, it’s a rally cool building and you can walk around pretty much unrestricted. Especially the old library is a bit of a secret.
  • The mineral collection of the Geological Museum, touch a massive meteorite
  • Eat at Streetfood 108, and walk around Asisstensen (a cemetery, but a cozy one)
  • Get lost, walking around Christiania

I will add more, but generally it’s such a small city, that walking around is quite enjoyable, and you get to see different parts in short time.


There’s a modular meetup every first Saturday of the month (click on the flag to translate). Next one is on November 5th if you’re still around by then. They’re casual and very friendly.


Welcome to Copenhagen!

+1 to the reverb domes at the Faculty of Humanities. My favourite thing here is simply the bicycle culture; not only how stable the infrastructure is, but the culture.

PS if you get on the bike – and you should – please keep to the right, and signal your turns and stops :slight_smile:

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Copenhagen Contemporary is well worth getting the bus out to, it’s an interesting ex-industrial gallery space and the current James Turrell exhibition is extremely good: genuinely immersive and perception-shifting in a way much of that kind of art doesn’t quite manage. Definitely worth the queue to see it.

Louisiana is also amazing, but please note that it is a day trip in itself, both because you’ll want to spend a fair while there and because it is some way up the coast from CPH and takes a while to get the train there and back. Definitely go, just plan accordingly!

Not such a big deal maybe, but the last time I went to CPH I had a spicy fried chicken sandwich from Poulette and a cardamon croissant from Hart Holmen that both made me marvel at each bite, and it would be remiss of me not to mention them.

If you like craft beer you probably already know what’s going on in Copenhagen, but worth mentioning the various Mikkeller places, To Øl’s Brus, and Warpigs (also home to heavyweight smoky BBQ food).

And in general, it’s a great city to walk or cycle in, lots of interesting streets to wander down.

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The street food area at Reffen is absolutely amazing. I think it’s closed for the winter now, but for people reading this in the future it’s hugely worth a visit.

The newly-reopened Design Museum is pretty good.

+1 for the Dansk Modular folks being very friendly, open and welcoming.

And I also highly recommend taking the train over to Malmö for a day trip. The Möllevången area has tonnes of great stuff going on, and Folket’s Park in that area is wonderful too.

Edit: Oh, and no-one’s said Tivoli yet! It’s super obvious and hard to miss, but it’s a fun evening to just go in and wander around.


I visited maybe 20 years ago but I remember the Design Museum had some great furniture and a collection of vintage Brüel & Kjær test equipment for some Hainbach-style test equipment vibes.


Any visit to Malmö comes with a warm welcome (and a beer) by yours truly! :hugs:


Nils Frahm is performing in the Royal Danish Opera House on Sunday 23rd or if you hurry you can see him in Aarhus today, it’s only an intercity train away.

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