Copy of mlr2.6aux?

hey guys, anyone have a copy of mlr2.6 aux they can upload or send my way? I cannot find it anywhere online…thanks in advance. Saw Daedelus last week and had a chat with him and after realised that i don’t have a copy of this patch anywhere and was keen to use two grids? Sorry for doubling up in the threads

have a look @ (serialosc) and (monomeserial)

thanks sno, I found it but there is no .zip to download? not entirely computer literate :smile:

Download button is on the right side of the page. Use the desktop view (selectable on the bottom of the page).

Thanks mate. Couldn’t see the usual .zip emblem though?

It’s a button with the text ‘Download .zip’.

Hey man, nice one but see image and unless I’m missing something there is no ‘’ button?

download all the “collected”

Thanks sno… Lol. Too easy. Didn’t think about that. Thanks for quick reply buddy.