Coral Carrier Incarnadine []

Coral Carrier Incarnadine

Lead the CC Incarnadine and her crew of climate-punks, nautical drones, and GMO algae on a mission to heal the desiccated coral reefs.


  • norns
  • keyboard



By the time development of this game is complete, most of earth’s coral reefs could be dead.

Original Announcement


Northern Information proudly presents…

Lead the CC Incarnadine and her crew of climate-punks, nautical drones, and GMO algae on a mission to heal the desiccated coral reefs.

Story Preview

Somewhere beneath the Great Pacific Garbage Patch…

SAALTERE: Good afternoon, Captain. The engineers are reporting the mycelial network was sabotaged beyond maritime repair.

SAALTERE: Engineer Vonych hacked together a make-shift interface with one of the salvaged sound computers. This is our only interface to the CC Incarnadine. Some of the various HID devices you have lying about should be compatible…

SAALTERE: Vonych is still working on unlocking more subsystems. For now, you have my assurances you have everything you need to continue the mission: inventory management, drone ops, and cartogrammatics.

SAALTERE: …and I say “you” because this is our singular working interface. I’ll dust you when we get more flashed.


CAPTAIN: Thank you, Salter. Dismissed.

SAALTERE: Aye, Captain. I’ll leave you to it.

What is Going On?

CORAL CARRIER INCARNADINE is a game for monome norns. It is in early stages of development. I have no idea how “big” the script will end up being or when it will be done.

The game is fundamentally about interspecies collaboration and interpersonal communication so I thought it’d be fun to turn the dev process inside out and make it a communal activity. Expect a series of posts, git commits, videos, sketches, paintings, and other creative ephemera as we go along.

Community Quest 1/2: Calling All Poets and Writers

Share in the comments your creative item names, descriptions, and suggested burden and rarity. The CC Incarnadine can carry 127 metric tonnes of cargo. Rarity follows Magic’s convention of common, uncommon, rare, and mythic.

This is a non-violent, anti-colonial, anti-extraction adventure game. Please do not share ideas for weapons, enemies, etc. Please do share ideas related to sailing, coral reefs, submarines, contraptions, wetware, algae, ghosts.

Here is a table template to copy and paste (remove the back-ticks when you paste):

| Name | Description | Burden | Rarity |

Here are some sample items:

Name Description Burden Rarity
Microatoll (1m) A robust, one meter toroid of biodiverse coral. 1.0 common
Red Algae (1kg) Vivid crimson; seething but shot-thru with hope. 0.001 uncommon
Lunar Cap (20g) Grown on the moon. Restores macrophage. 0.00002 rare
Derelict Erebus Deep salvage. Unknown origin. Theorized extraterrestrial. 12.3 mythic

And here are the working stats of the CC Incarnadine:

Statistic Short Description
Empathy EMP Capacity to empathically connect with the natural environment.
Science SCI Faculty to form hypotheses, conduct experiments, and understand results.
Mycelium MYC Symbiosis with the CC Incarnadine. Unlocks drone ops.
Cartography CAR Ability to survey and navigate.
Dream DRM A thimble of chlorophyll, a fallen star, thirteen golden shrimp.
Burden BUR Regulations forbid the jettison of certain materials.
Hope HP Ashes, ashes, we all fall down. If it hits zero, that’s the end.
Macrophage MP Mesh-membranes for digestion of both trash and the dead.

Community Quest 2/2: Calling All Pixel Artists

Each item in CORAL CARRIER INCARNADINE will have a small image (think pirate radio style/size.) Combined, there are slated to be approximately fifty (50) consumable and key items. If you’re inspired by any item names or just want to randomly make some images, just do it! Images should be 44x44. There will be a 1px black border around the image and then a 1px white border around that one for a total size of 48x48.


Thanks for the inspiration. Dream better futures into being.

Name Description Burden Rarity
Coral Larva (1L) Flask of sea water containing 250 Planulae 0.0011 common
Psilocybin (100ml) 100 doses 0.00015 rare
Ideonella sakaiensis (100L) Tank containing an infusion of plastic digesting microbes 0.1 uncommon
Slime Mould Implant Neuro-Mycelial interface, connection logic, pattern synthesis 0.0001 mythic

Coral Larva increase the chance of reef regeneration and increases regeneration speed. Subject to environmental conditions.

Psilocybin increases EMP, DRM, HP. Temporary reduction in CAR.

Ideonella boosts MP and can reduce BUR gradually up to ~20%. Mutation rate introduces random buff/debuff.

Slime Mould Implant increases MYC, EMP. Allows cross species DRM. Risks Drift (self concept erosion, lost across infinite connections)

More ideas:

Name Description Burden Rarity
Drifter Human with non-human consciousness 0.1 rare
Dangler deep water adapted human 0.1 mythic
Pioneer Coral 1kg Hardy, resilient, fast growing, short lived 0.001 common
Water Snout Olfactory bio-enhancement, ability to smell water 0.0001 rare
Oonoro Dolphin mind-group link 0.01 mythic
Whale Soul aetheric whale consciousness 0 mythic
Coral Memory Ghost of an ecosystem. Mourning. Untethered 0 mythic
Dredger seabed microplastic removal drone 0.05 uncommon
Seeder coral larva distribution drone 0.05 umcommon
Floater surface plastic removal drone 1 uncommon
Mapper cartographic drone 0.05 rare
Drone Farm where drone are grown and harvested 20 rare
Ceph wetware enhanced octopus. Agentic, alien. 0.01 uncommon
Good Bouy power generation and storage 10 rare
Solarray power generation and storage 5 uncommon
Gester biomatter heat and power system. Eats the dead. 10 rare
Clam solo sleep and healing chamber 5 mythic
Gills human wetware adaptation. Must be kept wet 0.01 uncommon
Glass-i enhanced visual system. Grown. Replaces unmodded eye. Short viability time. 0.0001 common
School coordinated drone swarm 20 rare
CapChair enhanced ship/self interface. Wetware ports and multi-sensory feedback. It sits on you. 5 rare
algea farm sustenance for crew and growing drones 10 uncommon
plankton farm plankton breeder for repopulation 5 uncommon
krill farm for when the whales return 15 rare

Pixel art should be black and white?

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this is a great idea! makes me think of subnautica a bit, which made me think of…

| Name        |            Description        | Burden | Rarity |
| rebreather | extend your time in the depths | 0.5 | common |

well, no need to tell i’ll be more than happy to contribute a few sprites.

as it’s a norns script, yes. 15 levels top and better use even less for better legibility.


This is sickness overload :grinning:


Waaaaagh this is AMAZING! @tyleretters your world-building and creativity is such an inspiration. I’ll brain-storm some maritime magics and wavy wonders tonight.

Quick question - is this going to incorporate a sound engine or are you envisioning more of a preset soundtrack?


oh my goodness @edrapley these are incredible. once i process all this creativity i’ll get back at you for follow up descriptions and item variations. heh, did you add to the BUR for the containers? i was thinking about doing that. 1mg of some really rare thing needs to be housed in a 172kg safety-cube…

@Justmat i’ve never played subnautica. i’ll need to check that out! thanks for the item!!

@eigen @desolationjones amazinggggg!!! @eigen want to start with one of the example items i listed in the first post?

@Ukasz @juje thank you!!

yes, there will be a sound engine won’t there… sonar… size of project increases exponentially


Thanks, had a lot of fun imagining them, happy to iterate ideas.

Yes I thought about how some items would need a container and that this container would then remain after the contents were gone.

Used lots of useful stuff? Great, now you have lots of containers to deal with.

Because then the object’s lifecycle matters and reduce, reuse, recycle mechanics might become important.

The ship, the planet, being sealed systems when it comes to waste disposal.


i love the idea of recycling becoming a core mechanic. i hadn’t even considered that the container would hang around.

i was reading up on maritime stuff and this was really interesting: Flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict - Wikipedia once humans have the “choice” of doing something, they just do it. i.e. burn your garbage or throw your waste overboard. in this world, those are no longer options. it is both law and cultural taboo. just like we absolutely do not touch each other without consent these people absolutely do not pollute. this game also explores anthropocentrism.


sign me up for sound design if its needed :raised_hand:

some diving music (caution loud):

sc code
// adapted from
// additional UGens needed:
// AnalogTape, LockhartWavefolder and AnalogVintageDistortion are from
// "ported plugins"
Ndef(\test, {
	var snd,freq=45;
	var noise;
	var snd2, y,z;
noise = * * [0.5,2],0,0.01).range(0,0.3);
noise =,[1/5,1/4]).range(1000,8000).lag(1));
noise =,,1));
freq = [freq,freq*1.01];
snd =;
snd = snd +*2.001,,0.05));
snd =,freq*,7,warp:\sine).range(3,10));
snd =;
snd =, 0.9,,1), 0.5,0,2);
snd = snd.fold(-0.5,0.9);
snd =[0] *,10), 4) +
(([1] *,10), 4)) * [-1,1]);
snd =,,9000),,0.9));
snd = snd + noise;

snd =,0,1, oversample:3);
snd =;
snd = snd *[0,1,1,0],[0.001,,5,20),2]),,3,20))));
snd = snd.softclip;
//snd =*0.4,1,0.1,10,3);
snd =*1, 0.9) * 0.8;,(freq[0]*(,30,30)))).tanh;

snd2 =, 0.03, 0.03);
snd2 =, 0.1, {Rand(0.01,0.099)}!32, 4);
snd2 =, snd2);
snd2 =, 1500);{snd2 =, 0.1, {Rand(0.01,0.099)}!2, 3)};
snd2 =, 1500);
snd2 =;,,0.8),[snd,snd2]).tanh);



@edrapley Ideonella sakaiensis
Whale Soul:

@tyleretters Lunar Cap:
(invert/adjust levels as needed)

EDIT: These are 48x48 but I just realized that a 46x46 with two 1-pixel borders would be 50x50. @tyleretters which size are we aiming for?


@infinitedigits YES!

sound design immediate needs:

sound effects:

  • menu noise (probably band passed, tiny click/beep/boop with some reverb, will trigger every time the player moves the menu cursor)
  • menu accept
  • menu cancel


  • title screen music. mystical, adventurous, ominous, hopeful, generative.

@desolationjones oh my goodness these are freaking amazinggggg!!

48x48 with double border
46x46 without borders
44x44 without borders


46 + (2 pixels * 2 sides) = 50 tho?


Honoured. I really enjoy that you’ve created images in response to my ideas. Thanks.

Made me want to try it myself.

I can’t draw so I imported images and then editing them.

Slime Mould Variations.

Slime Mould 1


Slime Mould 2


@desolationjones AH. YES. fixed.

@edrapley these are wonderful!!! yes, any ideas you have for bio/checmical/mineral/waste/trash/coral stuff is welcome!














RAD. Oh is it monochrome? I can swap to dithering if so.