I added a feature that will randomly play a note in a scale and and octave range when hitting a barrier. You can enable it in the notes section of the params menu. Cycling through a sequence of notes like an appegio could be better though.


Thank you sir! :v: :v: :v: U DA BEST

oh man another cool addition! great suggestion @Ukasz !

I was getting ready today and randomly thinking that if you keep adding features the basic corners app it is going to turn into some type of archologies variant
Im not NOT requesting a corners module @tyleretters :crazy_face:

I didnt get a chance to test the new sync out yesterday. But im free all day so here we go!! :partying_face:


Exactly, also thought about Arcologies :slight_smile: I wonder what could be done with this if it used samples. One of my favorite things to do is to take 20-30 new samples and run them through oooooo, barcode, twine and so on to see what will happen to them.


I think this may be a bigger than just corners feature request. Would love to see any app that has midi CC output have this option.

Would it be possible to have an option when looking at the x,y,dx,dy parameters there could be an option to press a key and have the Norns send the corresponding midi channel and CC output when pressed?

I use Ableton Live and mapping midi CC can be a pain if you don’t have physical knobs. Could make midi mapping a breeze… well for me and other Ableton users, Not sure about other DAWS and mapping.

Im not sure a single ping will do it but it should. That or the Norns could send the CC and do a sweep from min to max so the daw can register the movement. Think Ill post this request in the Norns ideas threat as well. To see if im alone here

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not an ableton user, but if i understand correctly… you can use a trigger type param to send a cc value when triggered. select the thing to map in ableton and then trig the param. something like…

params:add_trigger("x_cc", "x cc")
params:set_action("x_cc", function() midi:cc(cc_number, cc_value, cc_channel) end)

would send out a cc “bang” when pressing key 3 on the x_cc param in the menu.


Fantastic. Yeah that’s pretty much exactly how mappings in ableton work. Bookmarking this for future reference! Thanks @Justmat

The best fix would be for ableton to have the ability to just plug in the values in the mapping field but sadly this isn’t the case. A max for live device that read all incoming cc data and mapped to individual knobs would be easy as well. Think I’ll go stir the ableton user pot as well lol

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would it be possible to make corners 3d? maybe different grid gestures could push or pull the point forward or backward? i imagine it would look pretty amazing rendered on the grid. it would probably change a lot of things though and is maybe a bit unnecessary?


that would be cool, when the ball gets closer the light gets brighter. and maybe the filter opens up or something


I was actually thinking that it would appear larger as it got closer, like a ball would… so it would begin to light up more grid buttons, in a circle with soft edges, accomplished using variable brightness.

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I wonder what could be done with this if it used samples.

Should be pretty cool with samples. Switching out engines should be very easy to do. Maybe Timber or MX.Samples would fit the bill. Perhaps scrubbing a sample position with one of the parameters could be pretty cool.


Would it be possible to have an option when looking at the x,y,dx,dy parameters there could be an option to press a key and have the Norns send the corresponding midi channel and CC output when pressed?

Currently if you select the parameter called “Value” in the CC settings, and adjust it, it will send out midi ccs. This essentially does what @Justmat suggested. Goto the other param menus and make sure they are disabled, and let the puck rest and it should work out well for mapping in Ableton. I’ve yet to try it with Ableton so maybe there’s a better way. A separate mapping mode might be the right approach.


would it be possible to make corners 3d?

I think something like this that’s 3d is an awesome idea, however I think this is a new script idea, I want to keep Corners mostly true to @tehn 's original m4l script. I’m thinking a script were you could manipulate a 3d box with elastics and a ball inside could be really cool. @eigen did some cool things with rendering 3d models, would be cool to pair with some simple physics and sound.


That’s a great idea.

I can see this being fun with a selection of 1 shot samples. Randomly playing different 1 shot samples from a loaded folder would be very interesting - something like timber lets you do this in Orca. Assigning x/y and barrier trigger modulation to any of those Timber parameters. You could kind of bend your way through samples especially when messing with scrubbing start time, filters and delays.


What if I did something granular? Holding down keys causes a different sample to play, then the boundaries could cause the playhead to jump to different spots around the sample, and use x to control the grain size, y pitch, dx filter, etc. Also like the idea of having the boundaries trigger random samples from a pool.


wow sounds amazing :open_mouth:

Its a great idea and I can see granular working very well on longer type pads and sequences. I love the idea of jumping around a sample. I guess it depends what kind of music you want to make and what samples you are using as to how effective it would be. Granular tends to lead you to loading up longer premade loops of things.
I was looking at using it more for playback of short 1 shot percussive sounds instead of using longer premade loops, but that’s just the way I use it and everyone is different.

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Forgot to report back. Yup this works like a fucking dream. Easy peasy.


just wanted to pop in and say thanks for making/porting this. really really fun!

corners + analog heat + ableton reverb stuff

it would be cool if there were some way to scroll through the int param destinations (to hear what they would be doing to the active sequence) non-destructively (a way to revert when you accidentally turn your melodic patch into halloween sounds).

also not 100% sure what the difference is between Param y and param DY, but param DY seems to affect Molly the Polly even when it’s turned off? feels like a bug but could also be ignorance.

(thank you again)


trying the corners midi out


Has anyone tried to adapt this for use with midigrid yet? It looks great.

Yes, I’ve done so with a pair of Launchpad Mini mk3s and last time I checked it worked well.