Cosmic Crossings Show-Trenton NJ April 14

Here’s an event I’m playing this Saturday in Trenton NJ. I’ll be using my Aleph and a few other pedals to process the sounds from an instrument which is very new to me, the Chapman Stick. My partner will be doing visuals combining Resolume and Vuo. The other group that is playing is called the Tangent Project. I have played before with the guitarist in that group, Harrison McKay. His explorative guitar music is very enjoyable. Here is a link to the site with the info:

The piece I’m playing is one of the first ‘compositions’ I’ve done in a while. The end of the piece is a short etude I’ve written with a working title of ‘harp piece’. All of the previous sections are expansions and combinations of small bits of the ‘harp piece’.

Drone Intro:
F C F G (low Bb)

Section One (from F to C):
F chords (from C intro)
C swells sub-piece
C chords (from C intro)
F swells sub-piece
F chords’ (from C intro)

Section 2:
Gm Bb Gm Bb C (from Gm to Bb, combining pattern from driving C)
“ octave lower bass
“ two octave lower bass
(B^ G#m F#^ E^ C#m B^) to Bb

Section Three:
Pastoral Long Delay (notes from Eb to Ab high pattern)
Low distortion chords:
(Eb Cm Bb Ab Fm Eb) Cm (from section 2 ending)

Harp Piece:
C intro
F to C
Gm to Bb
Eb to Ab with high pattern
Driving C low pattern
C outro
F to C outro

Hope to see you there!

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