COSMIC SESSIONS - AUTOTECTONIC: dark/ambient electronica album

Hi!! I’m thrilled to be releasing my first full-length album, COSMIC SESSIONS!

the 10-track album goes on a cross-genre journey, sitting firmly in the ambient world while moving between deep noise and darkness, through to shining ambient soundscapes and light. all tracks were improvised and recorded on a 7U Eurorack modular, recorded direct to to digital stereo or cassette.

Here’s some download codes!


Thanks so much for checking it out! :smiley: I owe a great debt to this forum, for all the knowledge and community i’ve found here in the last year while making this album. :pray:


Just downloaded (I used code unxv-eb3k, thanks!), and listening intently. Really digging it so far! Congratulations!

I used this code. Thanks for providing and excited to spend some time with this album tonight. Congrats on the release!

arwl-kgtb claimed. Thanks! This is lovely stuff.

Thanks so much! Looking good.

I used bdxy-g8bu. Thank you!

Edit: I’m super liking this!