CPU load and !!! correlation

been playing around with a few norns scripts, and Ive been having more common problems with audio cutting out and the “!!!” warning. Even with CPU loads under 20%, I am noticing some terrible audio glitches, (especially with amenbreak and o-o-o scripts). I reflashed my sd, and reinstalled just a few programs and I am experiencing the same issues. CPU loads have been idling at 20-30% on boot with no decrease over time.

Any recommendations to mitigate this?

(shield on rpi 3b+)

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more generally, culprits are an insufficient power supply (what power adapter are you using for your shield?, are you plugging in anything else to the pi?) and an overheating pi which can cause the cpu to throttle (what kind of enclosure do you have?).

more specifically to those two scripts - o-o-o has no limits on polyphony and will crackle if you put lots of stuff on (“lots of stuff” varies a lot and its super hard to say, nonetheless I’ve never had a problem with this particular script). amenbreak should work perfectly fine on a 3b+ (I have it working find on a cm3+ which has a lower clock speed than the 3b+), so this is surprising and leads me to hypothesize that its one of the more general issues.

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Enclosure is a pretty open and breathable laser cut acrylic case (temps around 45-52c after running for awhile), but the power supplies have been beefy battery banks (Anker with 2.4a output) as well as some 24awg cables, with nothing plugged into the device itself. When running off of an outlet USB supply same issue.

Dug up the official rpi power supply, and I am noticing less* !!! popups. (CPU usage hovering around 50% for amenbreak with no tweaks done)

At least now I have a better grasp on how to dodge the !!!, and I’m off to test all the cables and in my drawer

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