Thank you

Yeah i’d Worked out the overdub “trick” I guess I’d need a mixer in the setup. Which is a possibility

I wonder, have you used Skulpt as a midi destination for any of the Norns sequencer scripts? It looks like they could be a nice match and Norns could also power Skulpt? Audio source and midi destination… ? Very interesting…

It’s great. Def keep this for K3 is my vote.
I messed around with it a little on another sketch with Mosstone, but tough to tell what’s K3, and what’s me playing the Osc Frq.


Yeah the KM has the top and bottom bars which basically do the same thing, I hadn’t made that connection.

yes. Not tried that but as you say - interesting idea. Will have an explore!

new cranes posted at top!

cranes 2.1

  • grid interface (lots here, see below. very special thanks to @lloydcole + @ypxkap for their excellent loop sync suggestions and @jlmitch5 for prompting interface exploration)
  • midi control over rate + direction (in params, @marcus_fischer sorry this took forrrreevvvveeerrrrr)
  • general code cleanup + enhancements (tyty literally everybody for their excellent scripts which were great examples to learn from)

grid stuff:

  • plug in a grid and re-boot cranes
  • use the following legend:

  • speed + direction : -4x to 4x, 0 in the middle (unlit) functions as ‘pause’
  • sync playhead to other : sync the voice’s playhead to the location of the other’s
  • re-size loop to other : dynamically adjusts the voice’s current loop points to the other’s
  • reset playhead to start : trigger voice to playback from currently defined start point
  • create snapshot : collect speed + direction, playhead position, start and end points and assign it to a button on the far left (similar to less concepts )
  • erase all : erase all of the voice’s snapshots (similar to less concepts )
  • snapshot recall : recall a saved snapshot’s parameters (similar to less concepts )
  • start point adjustment + end point adjustment : add or subtract time from the voice’s start and end points, in 0.01 second or 0.1 second increments
  • window adjustment : adjust voice’s loop window by 0.01 second increments or by the distance between the start and end points

Wow! Super magnificent! Can’t wait to try it out!


this looks so so great… looking forward to checking out the code as well to learn a few things !

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Niiiii i i i i i i c e
(Pressed K3 sorry)

edit: dang it looked much cooler on my phone…


holy crap. now I really wish I had a 128. Need to try and wrap my head around how to mod this for a 64.


I love seeing the way you incorporated the grid! The visualizer you came up with is a super cool way to deal with the fact the grid is a discrete display, but the buffers can be arbitrary (non quantized lengths). I’m really excited to play around with it!

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20 characters of woah. Such an upgrade to cranes.

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Just wanted to say that this is excellent and thanks so much!

I love that you can still go grid free and have a really fun/portable little looper, but if you’ve got a grid on you this really makes things so much more expressive and musical.

Now I’m pondering a cranes 2.1 based live set.

edit: quick video of my first session with 2.1


Are there any special instructions for updating this on Norns 2.0.1?

I’m so glad folks are vibing on it! please lmk any q’s, discoveries, requests or troubles. thx as always for the interest!

I’m so glad this connects with you. keeping the features complete w/o grid was the core of this version – which really freed up energy to explore what adding a grid could allow.

please share any experiments! edit: oh dang, you did!!! sounds great.

nope! should be able to use Librarian or Cyberduck/SFTP or Maiden :slight_smile: lmk if things get wonky tho!


Much satisfaction being able to manipulate cranes via grid. Here’s a first little play.


It’s awesome. So much better and controllable with the grid. I always got a little confused and lost with what was happening in v1, so never really saw the full potential of it. Now I do :slight_smile:


v nice, thank you :slight_smile:

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cranes 2.11


  • global semitone offset in params (affects both buffers simultaneously), midi controllable
  • midi control to select KEY3 behavior in params

it’s so so lovely to see the videos y’all are posting – thank you for sharing your sessions and please keep 'em coming!


i’ve just begun my norns journey
cranes first

today i made this:

having so much fun
thanks dan :slight_smile: