Create patch or timbre from video

I’m just speculating and thinking out loud here but I know several synths have the ability to import an image that it then uses to generate sound. For example Harmor within FL Studio allows you to import a photo.

Does anyone know of a product or has anyone created their own that uses the same concept but instead takes in a video? Maybe it could do it frame by frame on an interval so the sound changes over time?

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in a previous lifetime this was something i tried in Jitter and I know folks still use Jitter for image analysis->sound . i’m sure there are way more options in software rn.

in eurorack i’ve considered this

for “place yr phone on yr rack” cv generation from whatever is playing on yr phone.

idk this is something in which i have not found a relationship worth exploring but there are tons of folks who have


This is exactly what I was looking for!

You’re right though I’m sure it’s pretty hard to get something worthwhile out of this but I still find it intriguing. I haven’t been able to find anything similar to the LDRama module so maybe something on the software side using Jitter like you mentioned is the better route to explore currently.

All of the modules from Nonlinearcircuits are so interesting!

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