Create something like Fugue Machine for the grid?

So I was experimenting with multiple instances of step from terms in ableton, one running at 1/16 and one at 1/32. Both playheads were being displayed on the the grid simultaneously. Cool effect but difficult in practice.

It got me thinking about how easy (maybe?) it would be for someone to modify step from terms to function like the new ios app Fugue Machine. Same 16-step pattern of notes, with multiple playheads moving at different speeds, and potentially, in different directions. Is someone interested and willing to try to create such a beast? Could make for a good time…


i do like this idea. multiple playheads, speeds, and output routing.


I wish I possessed the skills required to create this, but I am only getting started using M4L objects, let alone learning to create or edit them. Anyone else have the knowledge, time, and motivation to work on this?

Definitely a cool idea.

I could see displaying multiple layers on the grid being quite easy/legible but being able to define new playheads with their direction, bounds, and speeds could be tricky.

Would it be possible to do it with an individual M4L object per playhead/track, that share the grid for display? Then control on the grid would be on whichever track/object is selected, somewhat like the experience I had using two instances of step with the same grid. I saw the two playheads moving at different speeds, and as long as the same steps were lit on both instances, grid display seemed to work. If I selected different steps on one instance then switched to the other, the playhead of the second instance would turn off the lights of the first, though the steps would still be active and reappear upon switching back to the first instance. I guess it would necessitate drawing in the same steps on each instance, though.

You would merge the playheads. So each play object would create a dim playhead, and they would move as they do, then when both are on the same spot the playhead would get brighter (to show both being present), then only one stream is sent to the actual device.

From what you’re describing it was sending two completely different messages which would behave as you described, when one moved off, it would turn itself off, taking the other step with it.

I really need to step up to a varibright grid :-/

I’ve actually started thinking about incorporating something like this into The Party Van 2.0. Trying to conceive the kind of finger gestures that would work well for defining direction, playback speed, and boundaries.


I love this idea - one page for input of the sequence, then another page to manipulate 8 instances of this. I think that Rodrigo’s ‘Monome Fingering’ system would allow all the control anyone would need. Let’s get Switched On!

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yes. YES!!!

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Any updates on this endeavor? Would love to use such an application of the Grid.

I would love to have something like this as an Ansible mode.

Just seeing this thread for the first time. Couldn’t Kria, fairly easily, be made into something like this? The note, octave pages would be universal and the step sequence pages would be per track… only direction would need to be added. Or am I missing something?

And speed! Don’t forget the different speeds.

Kria has different speeds.