Creating Ambigrams

I have been tasked with designing a friend’s album cover and fancy taking a stab at making an ambigram. Does anyone have any experience of making them, and have pointers? I’d rather not use an online generator.

I have zero zero zero experience at this, but first thing I would do is put a mirror at the top of my sketchbook and start scribbling. Cant wait to see what you come up with though!

check out Alchemy, it’s a grwat aplication for sketching and let’s you do various types of real-time mirroring.

it’s best with a tablet or stylus of course

Cool, will do. @papernoise

And I’ll be sure to post stuff @dansimco

I did a few (fairly bad) ambigrams for a book a few years ago. Think about the outside and work in, I seem to recall. I used illustrator or something, making one side, copying , pasting and rotating. Rinse and repeat over and over and over again as you tweak.

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So this didn’t end up “being selected” by the band in question. But I really enjoyed ambigraming.

At the moment I am drafting my next tattoo which will be an ambigram of my daughter’s name and the word LOVE.

The design needs tweaked and finessed by professional first though.

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This is so cute!! 20 characters of adorableness, even

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