Cricut smart cutting machine ideas

My girlfriend just got a Cricut cutting machine and it’s soooo cool.

I’m thinking of a place here for resources and ideas. Shit if I can learn this thing I may even do requests at some point.

Currently I have a launch control xl and OP-Z which seem like fun candidates.

@dan_derks you find the time to draw up an OP-Z layout and I’ll print something for your hard work on the new cheat codes on the house :wink:


Boy howdy, you’re in for some fun! Cricuts and the like are really nifty for making controller overlays, keycap stickers, faceplate covers… I’ve also had limited success making chipboard and balsa ‘flat pack’ things for lightweight stands and such.

You’ll probably run up against the Design Studio limitations quickly, so I always design outside and import the design – and it chokes on complex .svg files so watch out for that. Sometimes I’ve had to import as a bitmap image and then adjust dimensions afterwards.

Enjoy diving in with a new tool and have fun!

A few old controller examples…

Tweaker and QuNeo with “spraypaint” paperboard

FaderFox DJ4, those LED cutouts would have been a right pain by hand.

Matte black vinyl works great on silicone pads on a launchpad mini; this is an old and defunct lighting board programmer pad project.

Another more recent lighting board programmer pad project, re-done quickly on grid 128 for giggles and Max practice.


Would these type of machines cut 3mm plywood?
I need to make cases / panels for my DIY-ed Ciat Lonbarde machines, which are going to be 3mm plywood. Currently I’m planning on doing these by hand / Dremel / Black and Decker, but if I could just feed them into a machine, that would be much easier.

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It appears maybe the Cricut maker can do this. I’m not sure about the explore model. I’m Still learning and reading on what it can do

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The Cricut Maker’s limits are more like 2.4mm in thickness. Compressible materials like craft foam at 3mm might be possible but (maybe) feed poorly. The feeder rollers and X-axis gantry heights are fixed, the tool head on the gantry drops down to make cuts/marks/etc. Hope that helps…

Ah, okay thanks. I understand a bit more how they work now. I think I’m better sticking to making the panels by hand and power tools.

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I hear you. I like mine for what it does, but it’s effectively a CNC Xacto knife in regards to working with ‘building materials’.