Critique 2 things, share 2 things


rules ! keep sharing limited to two things (thing being self-defined), and only share after you have commented on one other person’s thing !



so I’ll start us off. these are two tracks which represent fairly different approaches to piano-based music for me. curious to hear which take appeals more to you (if either), things missing, areas of improvement, maybe ways to bridge the two styles. keep it negative (or not).

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commenting to follow. good idea.



Good idea for a thread! To be clear I totally enjoyed the conversation we had, and think there was a good exchange of ideas and opinions. So thank you for that. A track/song/piece can be a good starting point for discussion, going from specifics to general. Personally I wouldn’t call it ‘negative critique’, but rather constructive, as that seems to be the goal for this kind of feedback. And so both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ critique can lead somewhere as long as it has some clear intention or potential addition to what has been presented.

I find it a little hard to critique, especially experimental/ambient stuff, as this kind of music and sounds for me is so much about opening yourself up to get lost in that universe (I guess you can say that about most music, but personally I feel that applies even more with this kind of stuff). If I don’t really enjoy something I often feel like I just didn’t get it.

With both your piano pieces (which I think is absolutely stunning, I really like the tonality and your language so to speak) I could for example suggest a stronger narrative, a more pronounced structure or build - but then again that would compromise one of the things I very much enjoyed with it: the feeling of improvisation and «here/now». So I can’t really critique and keep it negative, but it can lead to a discussion and exchange of ideas around structure/improv, free form/intended composition. That balance is at least one of the things I’m constantly reaching for with my own stuff.

Anyways, great idea! Will return to this with big interest : - )



For me that thread is similar to the “What are you Listening to” thread. A place for people on the forum to share what they’re up to, a llllllll jukebox. But I am not against any type of feedback, and if someone has something positive or negative to share about a piece, as long as it’s objective that shouldn’t be a problem. But it’s a good idea to start this thread specifically for that :slight_smile:

Anyone know/use the feedback burger? :hamburger:

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thanks for starting us off @plym, this is getting me thinking (and yes I was mostly joking about saying everything negative cause I know no one is going to actually do that, I always appreciate the compliments hehe)

I do occasionally write music, which I imagine might fall stronger on the narrative side. I agree that there is a place for both. maybe, if this was an album, i should try to balance the two approaches? some songs that are improvised, some composed, and some between the two?

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Put a couple new/old things on Soundcloud recently, would love to hear what folks think were good and bad about them:

This one is a collection of a few things dug up and polished in the last couple months and a few things that’ve been sitting on soundcloud for a few years. Was playing with lo-fi samples and distorted synth sounds.

This one is a subset of tracks I recorded vaguely once a week in the first 1/2 of 2016, often edited down from longer improved recordings. Lots of PD on both sequencing and sound.

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I like how the second track reminds me of Eno’s work. That’s untypical of most ambient works that I’ve listened to. I usually don’t like the direction Ambient music is going, it sounds trivial to my ears and people are happy to replicate the textures that other ambient artists have achieved; I liked this one.



i really like seventeen.
it reminds me of the sounds my old computer produced when it klicked into bluescreen while i was making music
(always wanted to capture that but was never quick enough)

trying to get constructive
the tracks ive listened to feel o little bit static
trying to critizise something id say you could think about breaks, gaps and silences and use them to play with anicipation
also do you change the positioning of sounds during the course of a track? (long term… not talking about left to right and again and again)
(even tho you dont have to i like your music as it is)

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Would love a critique.



gonna restart this thread with a new set of rules, see how it goes

@jwudel I also really appreciate the second set of tracks. personally I’m really drawn to the raw digital aesthetic that shines in tracks like seventeen - but there’s also something to be said about picking different constraints for each track and following them, which sounds like it’s happening here. I sense less focus and precision in the first set, but also I like barely ever listen to beats so maybe that’s getting to me :upside_down_face:

here are two recent non-sounds from me:

they are both observational drawings which utilize technology in some way. they are remixed samples of visual moments. curious if one approach draws you in more than another !



I really like the first one. The lines are clear and make a crisp image. Am I looking through these planks and seeing whatever object is below them? The simplicity of it drew me in, and kept me thinking about how close each plank actually was. The second piece kinda throws me off a little. I think it’s because of the lower resolution of bubbles in the upper left corner.

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