Critter & Guitari ETC - Video Synth

A cool little video synth that’s fully programmable in PyGame!

I kind of wish they had gone with Processing instead, just because it’s more widely adopted, by PyGame is not too far off and also really easy to learn. I kind of want to pick one up since I’ve been wanting to add audio-reactive visuals to my performances without having to have too much extra gear… this looks like just the ticket. The price is a little steep for my weak Canuck dollar though :frowning:


Poor man’s approach:

I’ve been running it on an extra monitor next to my instruments, and it’s really rather pleasing. Audiences might think many of the presets are overly familiar I suppose, but it’s basically OpenGL if I remember correctly, so no problem with creating new presets. Have to admit it’s been years since I opened a milkdrop file for editing.

Only the poor man’s approach if your computer has enough horsepower to do everything you need sound wise at the same time without hickups, or you don’t mind having a second computer :slight_smile:

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Good point. I tend to forget that my small pile of computers is a bit strange. Oops. That being said, it’s relatively resource-friendly, given that it was mostly designed to run on computers from several generations back. Of course, it’s possible to make presets that will turn your fan on almost immediately.

Yeah, and also most computer based music I tend to do uses a ton of CPU (because why not?). That’s why having a separate device is attractive, no chance of one interfering with the other.

An alternate “poor” approach could be something like Raspberry Pi running PD or Processing, since it has built in audio and HDMI. It would be enough for anything but intensive 3D.

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And even without true 3d there are a lot of ways to fake it in a visualizer.

I kinda miss the demoscene. So much wonderful hackery…