Critter & Guitari Organelle & Organelle M

That seems really weird. I would check that with C&G first.

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Not one who usually cross posts/double posts but:


In their right place here.

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Has anyone found a perfect case for Organelle M? Preferably something “backpackable” that doesn’t take too much extra space but protects the knobs, screen, connectors etc.

I see Analog Cases has a custom model for the M which looks decent if one doesn’t need to carry the power supply in the same bag. Any others?

Hey everybody, there has been some discussion on the Critter & Guitari forums about getting the Monome Grid to work on the Organelle-M.
Yesterday I decided to try to follow Monome’s instructions on how to get serialosc running on raspian (that another user shared on the thread) and the good news is that it does indeed work on the M!

So far I’ve only tested it with the Basic Poly patch available on Patchstorage but so far it seems to be working well.
I’m not getting any LED action but I believe thats because I’m using a 40h which lacks varibright.

If anyone is interested in trying, make sure to remount the drive as re-writable and apt-get dirmngr before following those instructions.


I have the new 2021 grid, I would love to give this a go. What do I need to do on my Organelle M ?

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  • I am not seeing anything being saved to /var/lib/serialosc
  • Running serialoscd in terminal gives no output
  • Is everything set up for pd extended? I can only use PD vanilla

I am trying to get this to work now. I have a 2021 Grid and the Organelle M

Here is what I have tried

Any ideas from the Lines people why it is not working?

Hey @KristofferLislegaard - Just got my organelle M and having similar difficulties. The one thing I have not tried is the replacement of serialosc with comport.

Assuming that it’s just referenced as an object in a patch the way serialosc is used… if anyone has any time-saving advice regarding this it would be much appreciated.

Hey @Tango_Tango do you have a 2021 grid? If so you will have to join me in waiting for the new driver

@KristofferLislegaard - I do have the 2021 grid (just arrived couple of weeks ago). Thanks for connecting me to that conversation (and for all your work on this issue). I will indeed be waiting for that new driver as well!



Looks like the driver has been updated. I’m not able to implement on the Organelle M in command-line as it’s a read-only file system. Hopefully the serialOSC installer from the patchstorage repo will be updated.

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Allready answered in the other thread, but in case anyone else reads this thread:

You need to make the file system rewriteable.

sudo mount / -o remount,rw

Nowhere near as awesome as Kristoffer’s Snowgrains patch above ^. But this a grid sequencer I mainly use for eurorack (via midi to cv) and does some fun things as shown in a Critter & Guitari video:


I’m considering adding something new to my setup and I’m looking seriously at the Organelle M (built in mic, speaker, battery) and hoping it could become my go-to travel/couch machine. It also looks like it would couple really well with Norns.

Would live the //////// opinion - what was your experience?
Does it overlap with Norns too much?
Is it fiddly to work with?

This video clicked with me a lot:

The only other things on my list are the Digitakt but I’m drawn more to the less-structured, ambient end of things which norns and organelle seem to manage well.

If it helps, I would say the music i make is largely sample based, gentle, unstructured, noisy, glitchy, ambient. Tonally more more at the clean guitar/piano end of things than synth/sawtooth end of things.

I use Norns and Organelle M together almost always. They sync up nicely with link and there are lots of great synth and sampler patches


I have a pocket piano which is just a synth specific instrument from C&G. One thing I love is sampling from the onboard speaker into other machines or modular. The little wooden keys clicking around and a little background noise get into the recordings and give it a really alive feel. Those little wooden keys are just so fun.


I also own - and like - both Norns and Organelle M. There are some similarities but to me, Norns is a much more visual experience and defined by the various input devices (grid, midi controller, keyboard), whereas Organelle is more compact and truly portable. As far as patches go, there are a lot of samplers and loopers on Organelle (e.g. Soxagraph) but also some synths, even a Lyra 8 port. Also there is Orac 2, which allows you to run multiple patches (an even more compact or condensed experience).

Another recommendation for synths and effects is the Korg NTS 1 - tiny, cheap, versatile, great reverbs.

Updated Snowgrains to version 1.1 with direct to usb stick recording.


Is there a way of playing these patches independently of the organelle? In PD?

Yes and no. Most of them (including mine) are pretty tied to the way you navigate the Organelle. So f.ex. with the menues for the knobs, using the screen etc.

For the simple patches with only page there was a PD patch that could emulate the Organelle, but I don’t think that works on the newer patches.

Myself I am planning on going in a more modular way (this is also how I do my Max patching these days), so that the patch would be broken up into different elements and the control and IO-sections would be its own parts. This would make it soooo easy to make diffferent versions for different hardware.

Hopefully Plugdata will also mature into full PD so you could use any patch inside your DAW as a vst.


Wow that would be amazing, thanks for your reply. I’ll keep an eye out for that