Critter & Guitari Organelle & Organelle M

I wonder how the power situation is… did you already ran tests with a large amount of leds on?

To confirm, there are some power issues when running off the Organelle USB Bus power – Only half the LED’s of my 128 light up. However, button presses still work. When using a powered USB hub, all LED’s are lit.

I’ve added some convenience scripts and test patches to my repo.


Just wanted to add something I found very satisfying is that the monome128 grayscale and the Organelle are exactly the same width. They make a good pair.


@quilime fine work


I have no idea whats going there… this is cool!

added his notes from the other forum


I have a new video and a new patch if anyone with a Monome + Organelle is interested in playing around. X-posted from the Critter+Guitari forum.

To explain what is happening here – I am using the Organelle as the host for the Monome, and the patch is a step-sequencer based on Grid-Studies with a built-in voice and a delay. The Moog is triggered via MIDI and routed back through the Organelle and I have an FX send so I can control the Delay amount. There is also a super simple internal, polyphonic synth voice that I can mix in and out. I am using the Organelle’s wooden keys to program the arpeggiator notes. I also have multiple parameter pages and presets built into the patch to save/recall settings.

The Organelle runs an Arch Linux OS and Pure Data, and the patch includes an automatic installer script for serialosc. Currently I am only using serialosc-device. The Organelle is a great host for the Monome! So far a great pair, lots of fun. I still haven’t gotten the serialoscd (the daemon) working, but that would be even better.

Raw Source (WIP):

Working Patch on Patch Storage:

Patch Screenshot:

Video demo:


yeah extremely nice to share

I need to learn this patch now and try building mlr within this ecosystem


yes please!!!


The underpinning for grid controlled audio has been ported to pd in the past but I dunno if it was only for prepped samples

I’m thinking of how to tackle live sampling thru organelle i/o…might be easy but I haven’t looked at all yet


just found and will test tonight
there are built in “modules” to connect with organelle knobs, keyboard, and aux button

which is crazy

i’m imagining serious nord modular feels with the two paired as a system


I had the same thought when I saw that this works with plan vanilla Pd. Pretty exciting stuff.


Wow. That looks really fun. I know what I’m trying out later today.

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Awesome stuff, I think us desktop/laptop linux users will really benefit from these software & community efforts centered around the organelle!

Have you also seen the pretty old linux software ‘alsa modular synthesizer’? Maybe ams doesn’t really add anything that can’t be done under pd - would be interested to find out…

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heard of but never used it myself

This looks and sounds really good. I think what keeps a lot of people away from PD (incl. myself) is the very utilitarian look and feel of the software. But the capabilities of Automatonism and it’s integration into the Organelle are highly appealing. Have to learn more.

i couldn’t resist. i was thinking about getting an Organelle for a while since i cut my teeth on pd/Cecilia and Csound on Redhat5 back in the ancient days and then i logged in and saw the recent shenanigans with the Monome and i grabbed one. It will be here friday and i will return to the land of Miller Puckette :slight_smile:


The biggest thing keeping me from investing in something like the Organelle is the lack of CV… I have an Axoloti, but I don’t actually use it that much for the same reason. PD is much nicer and more full featured that Axoloti, so the Organelle is more interested stand alone… but if it had 2-4 CV ins and outs it would be a no brainer.

There’s also the Rebel Tech Owl, which runs PD patches with CV… but it lacks the little screen and just feels like having a complex PD patch running might be awkward… less Nord Modular, more PD based effect pedal.

nothing that couldn’t be fixed without a simple cv-to-midi module, i guess. yes, additional expense and space, but it’d work reasonably well.

I wonder if Organelle’s USB midi would work with an expert sleepers FH-1.

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after fooling with it for one evening i found that organelle wants to be Master Clock and that’s kind of why i bought it but because it’s host it seems like it syncs to whatever midi chain is going but if i start adjusting BPM on sequencer patches clocks responds and everything works well. I have avoided the Qu-bit module “nebulae” and the OWL but finally bit on the Organelle out of pure curiosity and i will share that it is a faithful pd sound and i am definitely going to make a few patches

Spectral delay

3 things i do not have in my euro i am loving this little device