Critter & Guitari Organelle & Organelle M

hi again
so i spent a week or so programming stuff for the organelle and learning it’s strengths
i made a Gendy/Xenakis patch
i made a granular patch, a live granulator, a Rungler/Benjolin, a Breakbeat drum machine thing and an ARP Odyssey clone

the latest one


This is all fantastic work that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying. If you have a minute, it’d be interesting to see how you went about building these patches. I feel the Organelle still lacks good how-to content.


Uh I think I might really want one now


i have been researching patch libraries that accelerate instrument building/making so i have several stand-by libraries/abstractions that let me make just about anything i want. So far i have been trying different instruements from different developers testing overhead etc.

I have a full featured minimoog thing on deck but i am looking at making an fractal instrument with random distributions and chaos, now that i have finally understood how to step through pages and someone just shared a way to go into meta mode for the keyboard the next ones should be more robust.

karl you should get one they are so much fun and you can make generative patches too. i am working on a Markov/Henry Cow patch too…


I’m really excited to see the patches you’ve made in such a short span of time

thanks for sharing!

[quote=“shreeswifty, post:86, topic:1570”]
i have been researching patch libraries that accelerate instrument building/making so i have several stand-by libraries/abstractions that let me make just about anything i want
[/quote]any clues on where to find these resources?

I’ve been collecting info to aid my progress since getting one but still feel behind where I want to be


Terrific patches, I downloaded this morning and had a quick play. And I just joined this forum, so I could post to say keep up the great work!!


oh super. About to start on a Ciat-Lonbarde sounding one. one with chaos + fractal/dynamical systems but sadly no mung oil


Looking forward to hearing what kind of ciat- lonbarde sounds you come up with

my favorite thing I’ve made on the shnth is
4 tri/saw waves nume and deno controlled by 2 separate sequencers
4 divide by n with the oscs as their source, N and MUL (level) are controlled by two separate sequencers
4 slews triggered by the divide by N whose up and down are controlled by two separate sequencers MUL (level) is controlled by another slew
8 sequencers (4, 8 step and 4, 5 step) controlled by 8 buttons
4 pans one on each osc being controlled by adding a adding two of the slews together
4 MUL (level, VCA) controlled by 4 slews

so each voice has all 8 sequencers controlling some aspect in the tuning, dividing, slewing, or panning
each voice has all 4 slews controlling some aspect

it is such a pleasure to play

I’d love to make it in PD when I get back into it

a video example where the sound output was pugged directly into the camera so I couldn’t hear anything

i have a shbobo, want to use this as a model?
send me the fish! :slight_smile:

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{(jump (tar 1 ))(srate (short 9 51 ))
(slavec (saw )(togoe )(togob ))(slaved (sawc )(togoc )(togof ))(slavee (sawd )(togo )(togoc ))(slavef (sawb )(togog )(togof ))
(slavee )(togoc )(togof )(slewd ))(slewc
(slavef )(togog )(togoh )(slew ))(slewb
(slavec )(togob )(togoe )(slewc ))(slewd
(slaved )(togo )(togod )(slewb ))
(togo (major )102 48 54 60 64 72 80 90 )(togob (minor )13 48 24 96 12 (arab 192 ))
(togoe (majorc )-5 72 80 36 90 48 54 60 64 )(togof (minorc )13 48 24 96 12 (arab 192 ))
(togoc (majorb )-75 60 64 72 30 80 90 48 54 )(togod (minorb )13 48 24 96 12 (arab 192 ))
(togog (majord )-5 90 24 48 54 60 64 72 80 )(togoh (minord )13 48 24 96 12 (arab 192 ))
(left (mul (pan
(saw (togo )(togob )
(arab (add (slewb )(slewc ))))(slew ))(mul (pan
(sawc (togoe )(togof )
(add (slewb )(arab (slewd ))))(slewc )))(right (mul (pan
(sawb (togoc )(togod )
(arab (add (slewd )(slew ))))(slewb ))(mul (pan
(sawd (togog )(togoh )
(add (slew )(arab (slewc ))))(slewd )))

I fixed a little thing I saw with a couple of the slews and haven’t tested that little change as my shnth isn’t with me right now
but here is the simple no feedback permutation of this patch

there are several more and lots of other stuff in this .txt
“steamchaser” is the third patch

Pillow fight.txt (43.5 KB)


i am fixing a menu system right now [making a metamode for knobs]
but then i am sincerely beginning to code the INSTR tonight


I was seeing serialoscd segfault-ing just now on my linux laptop (64 bit cpu, also running arch). segfault occured after disconnecting the monome. Was possible to recover by killing serial-oscdevice & serialosc-detector, re-running serialoscd, then plugging monome back in.

The proper solution was to modprobe usbserial and ftdi_sio. After doing that, seems I can freely plug the monome in/out without anything blowing up…

I’m so happy to see some shlisp again! :smiley: Should use my shnth more! Shall we make a different thread and start collecting patches again, since the original shbobo forum is lost?


awesome idea
I like sharing patches

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i found a bug in libmonome posix reads that caused segfaults on disconnects, fixed here:

would recommend rebuilding serialoscd releases for posix platforms.


@wrl too?

sorry to necrobump this, but i happened to look it up,
organelle appears to be using some member of the freescale i.MX6 family (i.MX6 Solo?), a cortex-A9, running Arch.

and they use some kinda stm32f0 dingdong for the oled/knob/&c controls.

so for a cheap(ish) roll-your-own version with maximum compatbility, one could maybe start with a hummingboard.

rasbpi uses broadcom SoCs, so pretty different firmware i guess.


Hi Folks

Since my last visit I made a few more patches that folks might be interested.
Most recently i made an emulation of the MakeNoise morphagene, a 4 osc Neural Network patch, a funky Poisson distribution patch, a tb303 clone, an eventide harmonizer-esque patch. a kind of drummy patch that evokes Berlin left field techno, an emulation of the Ciat-lonbarde Fourses, a latoocarfian fractal oscillator patch thing, and a Mutable Instruments Clouds emulation.

The latest one, the morphagene uses the DSP theories of Katja Vetter with several externals compiled fresh for the patch.

i hope everyone is well!


Will these work in pd outside of an organelle?

no, not really. you could tweak them and re-add back all the modifications but that might be a huge hassle.
Take a look at the patches and i could potentially find the original stuff for you

Because you know with pd you can just about do everything :slight_smile:

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You can run organelle patches on the desktop using the “mother desktop” patch. Simulates the basic functions of the organelle controls.