Critter & Guitari Organelle

Wow, very impressive revision. Lots of useful features, and the additional processing power is very welcome for building complex patches in ORAC without hitting the ceiling. Speaking just for myself, the addition of MIDI DIN (edit: oops, 1/8" TRS MIDI - the video confused me about this) makes it a very cool companion for the Empress ZOIA (which lacks USB MIDI).

Only questionable addition for me is that big honkin’ speaker on the left, which adds considerably to the length. Granted, it’s probably a very good speaker, unlike the OP-1’s. Maybe even better than Critter & Guitari’s eurorack speaker. But I just keep looking at the thing like “Why is it so long? Does the M in ‘Organelle M’ stand for Mobile? How?” It simply looks unnatural in this form factor. But maybe I’m just used to staring at the Mk I Organelle for hours on end.


So new organelle physically larger, then? Looked for size specs but couldn’t find.

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oh its definitely longer with that speaker. looks like they added about 3 inches. the onboard mic is a no brainer, and im glad they threw one in.

Selfishly speaking, I’m glad I sold my Organelle 1) when it was discontinued and hard to find anywhere, and 2) about a month before Mk2 was announced.

Unselfishly speaking, Mk1 has a better form factor, and will be considerably cheaper now - probably approaching $325, $350? Great time to buy.


i kinda wish i had sold mine then too tbh. I was on the fence and then decided to keep it.

Another thing about the addition of MIDI jacks - USB MIDI with Organelle mk1 was an absolute pain. Organelle is a MIDI host. Your computer (which runs your DAW) is a MIDI host. You can’t do host <-> host connections and have things work right out of the gate. I couldn’t get it to work with USB-to-MIDI cables either, or with my iConnectAudio4+. Something like @okyeron’s upcoming (and much-needed in the market) 2host would do the trick, but it’s an additional gadget to carry with you. So the addition of dedicated TRS jacks means, I believe, that you can actually use the Organelle for everything MIDI you’d expect, and it should also do its nifty USB MIDI host duties simultaneously.

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The mio2 works quiet seamlessly for me to do host to host connection btw.


Thank you for this - it’s fascinating to see the development.

That said, I’m afraid I gave up waiting to buy one - it seemed like they sold out almost as soon as a new batch became available.

It will be interesting to see how the revisions (especially the addition of the built-in speaker, which really makes a big difference to the immediate visual impression) will be received!

that announcement video is so fun! yay animation :slight_smile:


So I stopped wanting one, and now I want one again ? Why am I even checking these threads. I’ll go contemplate life in the “GAS Haiku” and “The Influence of Zen” threads and forget about all of this.


its now 34cm long vs 27cm of the original… basically the size of the speaker, which is actually quite a nice size, and big enough for when you’re outside :wink:

its a really nice form factor - I love it…
the portability is amazing, and it now boots and shutdowns so quickly. I also like the switch to the TRS output jack. actually, there are a whole bunch of things i really love about it.
(also due to the move to raspbian is now also has better compatibility with other hardware e.g. portable HDMI screens)

p.s. don’t worry if you have the Organelle 1, nothing lost there, its still a great machine capable of lots more things yet :slight_smile:


I connect my Organelle to the computer with a cheap midi cable interface via OP-Lab.
honestly, from my point o view, for who has sold the organelle this upgrade doesn’t seem a good reason to buy it again. i hope in an upgrade with the wi-fi chip on board, and the same op-z’s ability to use a phone as a dedicated display

The same OPZ’s ability to use AN IPHONE as a dedicated display. That’s just… a precision that matters I think :slight_smile:


yes, it can run both , so you can also do things like use it as a bridge between usb device->midi din.
Note: it uses the MAA specification for TRS, like Korg.

USB host is really useful, e.g. ive used the organelle to connect to an ES-8 for cv for eurorack :slight_smile:

yeah, I wished this too… but now its improved compatibility with wifi dongles at least makes this easier, and if you’re using wifi you tend to use the sdcard for patches, so that frees up the USB slot used for the USB drive.

no reason, that you couldn’t send the organelle display over wifi to a phone…thats kind of what i do with orac and lemur - but could be made more generic.

I’ll say though, when I use a phone as a display for the rPI, it never feels as convenient as having something on the instrument - i think ‘ideal’ is to have a limited display on the instrument, then use a phone for more ‘extended’ features


yep! :wink:
anyway, organelle, the modular G2 and the op-1 are the best purchases that I ever made

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yeah… I follow your works and I thank you for your effort and the great sw and solution that you have made. i have to tried your tips and suggests :wink:


just noticed, they are throwing in a wifi stick , so this is a bit of a moot point :slight_smile:

I guess this will replace the USB storage stick(?) , though the OS still supports the USB storage as an option.

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Wait, did you make the animation?

Woah! I gotta get in on that action.

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nay, just a fan of fun silly playful vibes